I know you want it all!

I know you want it all! Me too! (I even recorded a video about it below)

We want great relationships, meaningful work, fun, physical health and abundance.

But, the journey to our best life can be harder than it sounds.

Along the way, we get tripped up. Limiting beliefs, thoughts about not being enough, or having enough, or being unworthy sneak in.

They can derail us in insidious ways. I’ll tell you how it happened for me as I was getting ready to go to Paris.

Insidious thoughts

One of my insidious thoughts is that I’m not worthy. Oh how I hate that one! Of course, I would never say that out-loud to myself. I mean, it’s ridiculous! As a life coach I can’t possibly say it out-loud and believe it. Of course not. That’s why it’s insidious. It sneaks in, like water in a basement, and starts rotting things out before I even realize it’s there.

But, there I was, on my flight to Paris and it hit me. I was about to embark on a five-star experience. I was going to be treated like a Queen for five days. Fabulous hotel, spa treatments, flowers in my room, a private boat trip on the Seine, a photoshoot with photographer, hair and make-up. It was a five-star trip on an emotional and professional level as well. I was going with kick-ass Master Coach, Susan Hyatt. Susan inspires me, helps me dig deep into my own shit and kicks my ass if I need it.

With all this yummy goodness, what could the problem possibly be? It started a week or so before I left, then grew while I was packing, driving to the airport, waiting for my flight…(can you see the water seeping into the basement?)

How a long flight changed me

I was dozing off after dinner and a couple glasses of wine on the plane. I felt the unworthiness in the pit of my stomach. As I lay against the window, hoping to sleep, I heard something. Like a voice in my head, but it was so clear I almost wondered if the man next to me had said something. It said, “It’s you. You’re the one.”

Just like that, I knew it. I felt it deep in my core. I am worthy. I am the one.  I am worthy of everything I desire. For the next five days in Paris, I lived from that place of knowing my worth. It was glorious.

Live Lavishly Manifesto

I created the Live Lavishly Manifesto to support all of us as we create our best life. At the heart of living lavishly is the absolute knowing that we are worthy. Because…

You are the one.

If you don’t have your Live Lavishly Manifesto, you can get it here.

Here is the video on Manifesto #1