Is it Possible to Have it All?

Is it possible to have it all?

What does that even mean? Aren't we meant to grow and learn? Isn't it about the journey? How do we get to a place that feels like we have it all?

As we wrap up the Live Lavishly Manifesto series (if you don't have your manifesto, get it here) I want to share what might be the most important manifesto of them all.

There is no power outside of you greater than the power inside of you.

Stop. Read that again. Breathe it in. That means there's no job, no person, no relationship, no circumstance, no amount of money, nothing. Nothing that is more powerful than your glorious, divine self! Check out today's video and let it sink in. You don't have to believe me. Just give yourself permission to try it on for a little bit. Just for a moment. See what happens? It's liberating. Freeing. That's having it all. It's Living Lavishly!