Do you feel like you aren't talented enough for holiday decorating?

It's Christmas Eve and our 11th day of 12 Days of Enough. 

I know it's quite possible that by now, you feel like you are not talented enough for all the things that need to be done to be ready for the next few days. 

Here's my Lifestyle Advice: I loved the movie Bad Moms, so naturally, when Bad Moms Christmas came out I had to go see it. If you’re struggling with almost anything that feels ‘not enough’ to you this season, I recommend watching these movies! They are about giving up all these impossibly perfect ideas and ideals of how things “should” be and enjoying true connection.

That’s what we all remember about special occasions, like holidays. Who was there? The fun we had. The memories we made. Not whether or not the wrapping was perfect and color coordinated, or the cookies were all homemade and perfect or that the house was decorated to the nines. Those things can be fun. If you enjoy them, do them. Just do them from a place of love and the pleasure of doing it. Otherwise, I suggest ditching it.

Ditch it

When I was decorating this year, I was arranging things and getting everything where I wanted it to go. I’m in a new apartment this year, so I’ve not decorated it before. I was all but done and everything looked beautiful to me.

Then, I remembered I have about 18 feet of beautiful garland I bought last year. It has gold tips on the greenery and pine cones, (I’m okay if that sounds hideous to you, but I love it!) and I had thought I would put it over my kitchen cabinets. There’s a nice open soffit and I could drape it across the top of the cabinets. I even thought a string of lights would look great.

The day was ending and, as I said, I loved the decorating I had done, then I remembered that garland. I thought about it and the work to put it up and take it down and decided to ditch it. Yep. I left the garland in the box for next year, or the year after that. It just felt like “too much” to do.

That’s a great sign. When it feels like “too much,” it probably is and you can ditch it. Does that mean someone might notice, if you stop doing something you've historically done, and say something about it? Sure.

And to that, I’d like to say, “I respectfully do not care.” It’s funny and true, people, especially family, can get very accustomed to what we “usually” do. When we don’t do it or change things up a bit, we can get push-back. That’s okay. You haven’t done anything wrong. Just different. Let them be with their disappointment and you keep being with yourself and notice how good it feels to honor yourself and what you want to do.

Enough Already! You are enough. You do enough. You have enough. Now, that’s living lavishly!

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