Feel like you aren't creative enough for all this holiday decorating and hoopla?

Day five of 12 Days of Enough. Do you feel like you aren't creative enough? 

Here's my Live Lavishly Lifestyle Advice: It’s not that you’re not creative enough, it’s that you haven’t found your inspiration.

Broaden your definition of creativity

Creativity is more than painting an original picture or writing an original poem. Creativity is knowing what you like and creating it in your life. You can buy it. That's fine. You use your creativity every time you choose something that gives you joy. 

Remember: the quickest thing to kill creativity is self-criticism

If you think you aren’t creative enough, look for your harsh self-talk. That’s probably the real issue.

I mean, think about it, who would create something if someone was hovering over them criticizing them all the way! Even Picasso wouldn’t be able take it!

Give yourself a loving pat on the head and start your creation, whatever it is.

All along the way, please tell yourself how lovely it is and what a lovely job you are doing creating it. Be the ideal, encouraging teacher we all wanted to have. Or the ideal mother who actually wore the Paper Mache bracelet you made in first grade!

You deserve to feel your creative energy. We all have it. While we’re not all Picasso, thank goodness, we all have creative energy. It gets blocked by self-criticism.

Love your creativity back to life! You are creative enough! 

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