Not enough courage to say no to a holiday invitation?

What if that invitation is from your family? Do you ever feel like you don't have enough courage?

It's day three of 12 Days of Enough. 

I know so many people who spend time with their families, or go to a party, or any number of invitations we get at the holidays, out of obligation. They don't want to go. They feel like they have to go. They feel like they do not have enough courage to say no. 

Here's my Lifestyle Advice: Maya Angelou said, “Courage is the most important of all the virtues because without courage, you can't practice any other virtue consistently.”

How do we cultivate courage?

Small steps. First, with yourself. Admit to yourself that being with your family (or another invitation) at the holidays is not right for you. Don’t stop there.

If you want to move towards courage you have to be painfully honest with yourself first. Dig deep. Articulate why. Find the important reasons. Not “I don’t like my mom’s cooking.”  Though you may not, that’s probably not a deal breaker.

Sometimes we confuse courage with rebellion

Rebellion says, ‘Hell no. I’m not going.” You either get over the rebellion and go, or you stay home for the wrong reasons.

Don’t get me wrong. Rebellion has its place. Sometimes it actually helps me get to courage.

Don’t get stuck in rebellion. Find your truth

Truth feels peaceful. It might be difficult, but there’s a peaceful understanding in your soul that this is the best thing for you.

Once you have that, courage is usually right there, ready and waiting for you.

If you aren’t there, get some support. A friend, therapist, or life coach. Someone who can help you find that place of peaceful truth and find your voice to live in alignment with your truth.

We all deserve to live in alignment with our truth. Even when it’s inconvenient. Even when it's the holidays. 

Your courage is in you. You might just need a little help uncovering it.

You are courageous enough! 

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