I’m not smart enough to make my dreams come true!

I used to think that. I didn’t think I was smart enough to take my SATs or go to college or get a great job.

You know what, THAT WASN’T TRUE!

I never ended up choosing to go to college, but I’ve had a number of great jobs, two successful businesses, and I’m growing a third.

If you’ve ever felt the crippling doubts and fears of not feeling smart enough to ask for a promotion, apply for a really cool job you know you’d be good at, start a business or simply expand professionally beyond where you are, have I got a mind-blowing, kick-ass life coach tool for you!

You are so much smarter than you think you are.

I know, you think I’m just saying that because I don’t know you. But, my friend, I do. You’re just like me 20 years ago. I’m a hell of a lot smarter than I thought I was and so are you!

Check out my Smart as Sh*t Worksheet where I’ll share with you some of the secrets I use with my clients. Through the Smart as Sh*t Worksheet, I’ll walk you through a process that will allow you to begin to see yourself differently. To get a glimpse of who you would be and what you would do if you knew you were SMART ENOUGH right now, to go for the job, raise, promotion, business or anything else you want!

If I can do it, so can you! Join me!