The Power of Connection

You know how it is, the difference between going somewhere with a group of friends and being one-on-one with your BFF? It’s different. Group gatherings are awesome and I wouldn’t skip them, but sometimes I need me some 1:1 with my bestie!

The same is true for coaching.

I had the most powerful experience last week. I work with a business coach in group settings. I’ve taken digital programs she’s offered, been to her webinars, I’ve been in two live events with her.

Then…last week I had my first 1:1 with her. Wow! It was stunning how much I got out of it when it was just us talking about my specific business and it’s needs instead of me listening to her teach concepts and strategy. It was worth every penny to upgrade to a 1:1 relationship with her.

Now it's Your Turn.

Where do you want transformation; a life upgrade so-t-speak, enough to work 1:1 with me?

Don't get me wrong, I love people who take my online program, Enough Already. We have a private FB group so I engage with them there, coach them and help them free themselves from the limiting thoughts that rob them of their power. If that sounds like something you can use, check it out here

I love people who read my blogs (thank you) and watch my YouTube videos, who sign up for my webinars and take advantage of other free offerings. In fact, I have a webinar coming up on Monday called, Upgrade Your Earning Power. Click here for more details and to sign up. 

Here’s what I know for sure: The people who work with me 1:1 get dramatic results. Here’s what a couple of them have said:

"Brenda helped me dig deep to find MY truth and MY voice, which were lost for a very long time!  Working with her was eye opening, so many "ah-ha" moments.  It was amazing to see how patterns in my life kept repeating." Claire.

“…I was dealing with tough decisions in my life and had an overall feeling I was not being true to myself.  Brenda put me at ease. I knew I had found someone to assist me with finding my vision and help me live from my higher-self...” Ron.

Keep participating in all the good free stuff, and heads-up, there’s a lot more coming. And take my digital program, Enough Already, and heads-up, there are more group offerings coming as well…

BUT, don’t miss the opportunity to work with me 1:1. 

I recently had a few spots for 1:1 coaching open-up in my schedule. Is one of them for you? I’ll even sweeten the pot by giving you $100 discount on either the three-session package or the six-session package.  You’ll use the coupon code, Power, when you check out, but first, APPLY HERE. We’ll handle the payment after our initial call.

I can't wait to hear from you!