Are things falling apart?

Does it feel like your life is falling apart?

We all have times where it feels like things are falling apart.

Maybe you’re in one of those times now.

We lose a job. We lose a relationship. We lose our home. We move. The car breaks down. The savings account dries up. We’re bombarded with upheaval and transition.

In times like these, it’s so easy to ask, “what did I do wrong?” Or it’s kissing cousin, “what’s wrong with me, that this happened?”

I’m here to tell you, nothing is wrong with you and you didn’t do anything wrong. There may be a lesson to learn, but that’s different.

When we do something, it doesn’t work, and we learn the lesson, we don’t label ourselves as “wrong.” A lesson learned doesn’t have that level of harshness and judgment.

How do we make the shift out of self-blame and judgment when life is topsy turvy and we’re feeling like everything has been turned up-side-down?

We start with self-compassion. We say, Enough Already.

We isolate the thoughts that keep us spinning.

“I screwed up again.”
“This always happens to me.”

“I’m never going to get the job, relationship, body, money, I want.”

And so on and so on.

Once you have the thought, you can work with it.

That’s what I’m teaching women to do this week in our Enough Already 5 Day Challenge.

You should join us!

The 5 Day Challenge starts tomorrow, so sign up now to get all the goodies. Each day you’ll get an email from me with a recorded message with your challenge. We have a private Facebook Group where we’ll gather to encourage each other, I’ll coach and answer questions and everyone will post their response to the day’s challenge.

At the end of the week I’m giving away a beautiful Enough Already necklace that was handmade and designed by the fabulous designer, Nilla Webber. Here’s a peak at it:

Join the challenge by clicking here and signing up. It’s easy, fun and transformative!