You Deserve Something Special!

I know we're all headed into a holiday weekend... in the US anyway... but, the awesome offer in my new program, Live Lavishly, ends on Monday night, so go check that out. You don't want to miss getting this designer handbag at a TJ Maxx price! (That's how I described it in yesterday's Masterclass. It's a good analogy. Prices go up on Tuesday.)

    You see, I've got a super-charged, I'm-ready-to-create-change-in-my-life, online program, Live Lavishly. Live Lavishly is a nine week program that begins in October and takes everything we talked about in the masterclass and expands it about... let's see... 100x!!

    I'm looking for 7 women ready for change. You'll get it in Live Lavishly. I promise you that! There's a sesson every week, group coaching calls, a private, intimate FB Group for more questions, coaching and support, plus a super fun, VIQ package. That's "Very Important Queen". When you select VIQ, you get everything in Live Lavishly, PLUS, one-on-one coaching, unlimited email access to me, during the program and... a super Queenly gift box that will arrive before the first session on Oct. 9th. I'm just saying, that's the what I'd pick!

    Of course, everything is recorded, in case you can't make it live and so you to return to a session if you need extra support in that topic.

    Check out all the details for Live Lavishly here. You'll see, I've left no stone unturned. We're tackling everything that is important in your life: body, sex, career, finances and relationships. Remember, the special introductory prices ends after Monday, so register by midnight, Monday.

    Are you one of the 7, ready for change? Register now and say, Yes! to yourself. <3

    And if that wasn't enough....Here's the Queen of Your Life replay. I usually only send it to those who registered...but it was awesome and I wanted all of you to have it! A little 'end of summer' bonus gift. <3

    You can still use the link to the interactive worksheet and:

    1. Fill out the form and let me know where you want to see change in your life.
    2. Download and save the fillable worksheet and have it with you during the Masterclass.

    Oh! And if you aren't already in the Live Lavishly: Turn up your power from the boardroom to the bedroom Private FB Group, use this link to request to join. Don't forget to answer the two questions. You will usually be approved in a couple of hours!



    PS. If you have any questions about Live Lavishly, hit reply and ask me. :)