This Changed Me!

Yes, I did it. Last week. 

If you didn't catch it, here's the scariest blog I've ever written, Religious Wounds.

Sure, a few people unsubscribed from my email list. That's cool. 

The most amazing part was getting so much feedback from so many of you.

Seems I'm not the only one with a religious wound. 

I should have known, but I was blown away by the stories that were shared on social media and to me personally through emails and private messages. 

So many of us have felt the condemnation, judgment, punishment and, that terrible message that we are flawed (sinners,) from birth. 

We experienced the loneliness of separation and the concept that God is outside of us and we are striving to get to him. That we need to escape an eternity in Hell, a very scary place, and get an eternity in Heaven instead. And, by the way, there's one "right" way to do that and everyone who thinks differently, is wrong. 

It changed me. 

Knowing we are not alone, forget that, it's not knowing. It’s experiencing that we are not alone, that is a powerful catalyst for transformation. 

People asked me if I would start a group or in some way provide a space to heal these religious wounds and let go of all the baggage that those wounds created. My creative juices started to flow.

It's time for Soul Liberation! 

Part of what's so challenging about religious wounds is that they go deep. 

Straight to the Soul. 

It's time to go deep and clear them out. Love them out. Heal them out. Forgive them out. 

In a community that understands. Where we all know what it's like. Our stories are different, but the effects are very similar. 

Soul Liberation is going to be a six-week program with six, digital/video/audio sessions.  Each one will have a worksheet and other supportive material for that week's theme. I’ll address condemnation, judgement, fear of punishment, feeling flawed, separation, Heaven and Hell as internal states (not places to go,) our Oneness with the Divine and how love really does heal all wounds. 

You will experience the sweet release of concepts and judgments you have outgrown and that don't serve you anymore.

We'll have two group coaching sessions, a private Facebook Group to share our stories and our healing process with each other, PLUS, two one-on-one, private coaching sessions with me to facilitate specific, deep healing.  

My goal is to balance giving you really fantastic, life-changing sessions, along with community, and coaching, without you having to put a bunch of things on your calendar in the next few months. In this format there will be only two dates that we'll all put on our calendar; the group coaching calls on November 19, and December 17, at 5 pm Pacific/8 pm Eastern. Calls will be recorded so you won’t “miss” anything. 

The rest of the program you can take at your own pace, in your own time and the FB Group will be there for you 24/7. 

I'm going to begin on November 11, 2019. It's seems so appropriate to me to end this decade with a liberation of all the religious baggage we have and start 2020 with a Liberated Soul! 

I'm going to offer all of this for only $295. Because I want you to say, "Yes!"  more than I want you to sharpen your pencil and work on your budget! The one-on-one coaching sessions alone would cost $300. 

The rest of the details will be released next week, but I wanted you to be able to grab your spot. I'll send you an invoice, you can pay with a credit or debit card, if you want two payments, I'll break it into two payments of $150. 

Email me, and let me hear your, "Yes!" to your Soul Liberation! There’s no better way to end one decade and begin a new one!