It's Day One and We're Doing It!

Today’s the Day! 100 Days of Living….


Orgasmically!! Yes, you read that right. 


And, no, this is not spam. 


Why would I commit to recording 100 videos and use orgasm as a metaphor? 


Because it’s fun! 


It’s also an amazing metaphor for life. 


Orgasm. “The highest point of excitement.”


“The strongest feeling of pleasure.”


Don’t you want your life to have a lot of excitement and pleasure?


And why should they be relegated to the bedroom? 


Let’s experience the highest point of excitement and strong feelings of pleasure in every area of our lives! 


You are worthy of all that excitement. And all that pleasure!


Join me in this unique and thrilling series, 100 Days of Living Orgasmically. 


Share it with your friends. The ones who will want to join you, not the ones that will raise an eyebrow! 


You’ll find the videos in two places. I will record some as a FB Live in my private group, Live Lavishly; The Art of Sustainable Transformation.  If you aren’t a member, join here.


I am also uploading all the videos to a special playlist on my YouTube Channel. You can subscribe and comment through YouTube if you prefer. The 100 Days of Living Orgasmically Playlist is here.


As always, I welcome your comments and questions each day as we spend a few minutes together to dive into how to make our lives more… orgasmic!