A miracle at the Beach

The picture doesn’t do it justice.

There were a million people on the beach!

Okay, not a million,, but it was a Saturday, tourist season and hot. I’ve never seen so many people at my favorite beach, La Jolla Shores.

Picture this, I had to park unusually far away. I had a cooler with ice, drinks and food, my beach chair and beach bag. I haul it all down the hill and walk about 3/4 mile to the beach.

It’s almost high tide so the million of us there were pushed back towards the boardwalk. We’re practically sitting on top of each other.

This whole scene may sound terrible to you, but despite all of this, I was sooooo happy to be there!

The beach, under any condition, is my favorite place.

I settle in. Then a group of people down the beach a bit leave, so I move down to take their spot and have a little more room between me and my fellow beach enthusiasts.

I get the clever idea that right before it’s dark, knowing that many of these folks will leave, I’ll leave my chair, cooler and bag on the beach, trek up the hill to my car and bring it down to the beach parking lot so I don’t have to haul all my stuff up the hill!

Aren’t I clever?

Until… it’s almost sunset and I go to get my car keys.

My car keys were gone.

I lost my keys on a beach crowded with people with the tide coming in!!

Immediately I realized the foolish thing I did when I moved to my second location, but it’s hours too late. The tide is higher than where I was originally sitting. Hundreds of people have come and gone.

Yes, I panicked a bit.

How the hell was I going to get in my car? My extra key was in the glove compartment, but how was I supposed to get it? Short of breaking out a window (Yes, I’m thinking about the scene when sexy Patrick Swayze broke his car window in Dirty Dancing, but quickly realize my situation is much less sexy!)

After a few tears and verifying that I did NOT renew my AAA Membership last year… I noticed the light was still on in the lifeguard tower. They had pulled in all their equipment earlier, but there was someone still cleaning up.

I asked this young life guard if anyone turned in a set of keys? He wasn’t sure and said he would go look.

BAM! He came back with my keys!! I burst into tears! I’m not sure I’ve ever been so grateful in my entire life!

Oh! Did I forget to mention the only other key on my keyring is the key to the padlock on my storage POD in PA with everything I own, that isn’t in my car, in it??!!

One moment all my possessions were locked up and the keys were gone. The next minute, I had the keys to everything!

It’s a great metaphor for life. We always have the keys to unlock whatever it is we need. Sometimes we forget we have them or we lose them, temporarily. But, they are always there. Waiting for us to claim them.

Then we can unlock everything that this generous world has for us!

Have you lost your metaphoric keys? I’d love to help you find them. I’m good at it!

The Best Things In Life

It's been an exciting couple of weeks! 

I've added another entrepreneur as a client. Like my other creative entrepreneur clients, she's a powerhouse of talent... and she knows she needs someone to keep her business organized and create a clear path for how to offer her services to her clients in ways that are effective and make her more profitable. 

Yes! Profit! I'm not ashamed to talk about profit and I unashamedly help all my clients make more money! Not just increase sales, but be more profitable. There's a difference. My clients become more profitable. 

Do you know what one of the biggest factors is to profitability? No matter what your business or career is? (Yep. This is for everyone, whether you work for someone else or own their own business) It's...


Every business client I have will get coaching from me. We can employ master strategies, amazing sales funnels and have an enviable social media presence, and if our mindset is in scarcity, lack, wanting, telling us we aren't good enough, or don't have enough time, we're screwed. 

I've seen mindset ruin the best strategies, the best marketing, the best social media influence. 

You can't escape your mindset, so it's best to accept that and take the action necessary to neutralize the critical and diminishing thoughts we have and replace them with empowering and liberating thoughts. 

Easier said than done, right?

The best things in life usually are. But have no fear. I am here. 

This is what I do all day, every day. With my business clients, my life coach clients and myself. 

We learn how to become aware of the thoughts that cause resistance, stress and self-deprecation. Then we slay them. If they rear their ugly heads, we slay them again, until they are gone. 

We celebrate the freedom we are liberated to with each victory, large or small! 

In short, we Think Our Way to Success

I created a cool video program, Think Your Way to Success, so that you, and everyone who wants to liberate themselves from their stressful, deprecating thoughts, has a system for doing it. You can "do it yourself" with the program or you can get the program and then book a one-on-one private coaching session with me so we can work on your thoughts. I love a good DIY solution, but let's face it, we all need a little help. You'll go so much deeper with the Think Your Way to Success process if you have a private session and have me coach you through the steps. 

Just say No...

To your stressful, self-deprecating thoughts and Think Your Way to Success! Check it out and get it delivered to your inbox in minutes by clicking here

To add coaching go to my scheduler and book your first session, by clicking here. I'll send you an invoice. Right now, when you buy Think Your Way to Success you can get one session for $150. 

Let's do it! 

OK. Enough with the cliches. This program works. Treat yourself. You've earned your liberation! 

The Price of Freedom 😥

Today is Veterans Day. My nephew served in the Army. Survived tours in Afghanistan and Iraq. We were lucky, he came home. Not all of his friends did.

Today we owe it to every Veteran to celebrate and be grateful for the freedom they bought for us.

What will you do with your freedom?

Freedom means we don’t have to live in the toxic relationships – at work or home.

Freedom means we don’t have to stay in careers that suck us dry.

Freedom means we don’t have to put our dreams and desires on the back burner for some time in the future when it is ‘convenient.’

Freedom means we can grow and thrive during the transitions of moving, loss and the inevitable changes in life.

Freedom means today is day one. The first day. The day where everything can change.

Freedom means we have the power to change our lives.

Freedom means we owe it to the Veterans who fought for our freedom to live the best life possible. The life you crave. The life you yearn for.

Don’t let freedom be a concept that you agree with.

Let freedom be your siren call!

Today is the last day to register for the biggest freedom call of all, Live Lavishly. We spend nine weeks together expanding the freedom in our lives. We cover everything! Relationships, careers, pleasure, how our thoughts, feelings, yearnings and actions can serve us or sabotage us, and how to make sure they’re all lined up for to create a life with abundant freedom. Get all the info here. Do it. Sign up.

Create the freedom that is yours for the taking.



To be a mother...or not to be....

This blog is for everyone who’s NOT a mom and for those who are.

I love you both! It’s so refreshing to see the cultural “norm” of motherhood being questioned and abandoned. If you don’t have an intense, and I mean, intense, desire to have kids, please don’t. And never, never apologize for it! A woman isn’t “better” because she wants to be a mother. Sometimes I think we slip into temporary insanity, otherwise, why would we want to do it?! #kiddingnotkidding


Being a mother is my greatest joy and at times, my greatest challenge. I have four children in their 30’s. They live in CA, PA and Equatorial Guinea, Africa, which is why there aren’t some adorable family photos in this blog. My son in Africa has been away for five years now. Holy smokes do I miss hugging that kids and being able to even talk on the phone! (I did get my daughter and grandaughter to join me for a photo shoot in Manhattan Beach, CA recently though, so I've included one of those photos)

Here’s what I know for sure

Watching your adult kids create the lives they love is the greatest thrill. My youngest in Africa is creating video games and loves it, he also teaches English as a second language. Next up is a mother, fitness instructor, wife extraordinaire and helps me with a lot of my ‘behind the scenes’ work. Then there’s another son, he’s in tech, just took a new job with a start-up in SoCal, loves his wife and dog and recently said to me, “we make conscious decisions to make our journey through life fun and interesting. It’s okay if we misstep.” As my oldest daughter said when I shared that with her, “Your work is done with that one!” Then there’s the oldest. Wise and strong. Brave and true. She’s a fabulous wife, mother of two, and has a gift for kindness that astounds me.  

Whether you’re celebrating your children, or the fact that you don’t have any, please celebrate the gift that you are as a woman to the world. I am a big believer that women will change the world in this next generation and you are part of that. Regardless of age, you are the change the world needs!

I had a couple of openings for one-on-clients. If you're interested in exploring the benefits of working with me, complete this easy application and we'll schedule a quick call to decide if one-on-one coaching is right for you! 

Live Lavishly Light Episode #2

Welcome to the new series, Live Lavishly Light!

We’re going to start every Monday with something to illuminate the week. An inspiration, insight or coaching tip, something yummy and delicious.

I’ve created a YouTube playlist where all the episodes can be found. That way if you miss one, you can always go to the playlist and see it there.

Today’s Live Lavishly Light Episode is all about unexpected blessings.

I’ve dedicated this episode to my mom, you’ll hear why in the video.

Unexpected blessings are all around us. It’s all about being aware of them and giving them our attention. (Episode 1 covers the power of where we place our attention.)

How many unexpected blessings will you notice this week? Let me know in the comments on YouTube or Facebook.