Why I had to remove my Mom from my email list!

Here’s the truth.

I have a lot to say about how to live a life that is unapologetically authentic (including that it means that life is not perfect!)

I’m all about taking risks.

I will put my life on the line to be truthful to myself and what I feel guided to do in my life.

And… that doesn’t mean I don’t look back and ask, “What the fuck was I thinking! I was totally operating out of fear and my ego!”

But… I don’t live with regrets. I go for it and clean up the messes I make as I go!

Here’s the problem.

I realized recently, that when it comes to what I say publicly and on social media, at times, I’m super truthful and even provocative. Yay! It always feels good because it is unapologetically authentic.

But sometimes I hold back.

Sometimes I “tone it down.” Yuk!

I’ve been told most of my life that I am “too much.” I want too much. I talk too loud. I laugh too loud. I say too much about my life. I talk about sex too much.

What quickly follows, “too much,” is “who do you think you are?”

How many times have we been asked that from others? Or, honestly, it’s often a self-inflicted question.

Who do you think you are?

I really, really want you to take some time, in a beautiful and peaceful place, and answer that question. It will change your life. Leave all your judgment behind. Leave all your ideas about what others will say or who they want you to be, or who you think they think they want you to be! (Yes, you read that right. Most of these things are things we think others are thinking.)

Recently, I came to terms with my need to stop “toning it down.”.

And then I took my mom off my email list.

Because, frankly, she doesn’t need to know everything I think and say, and I am committed to being truthful. If she does hear about it, I’ll deal with that.

If I trip and fall and start toning it down, I’ll stop it and go back to the truth, even if it upsets someone! Even my mom.

Because I can answer that question, “who do you think you are?”. I am bold. I am loud. I want more. I want a big, big life in every way. I want to help my clients transform their lives. I want everyone to have the great sex they deserve. I want everyone to work in the careers or businesses that thrill them. I want everyone to have a partner, spouse, lover that is their equal. That honors them, loves them, cheers them on, and nurtures them. Or, be single and love it! I want everyone to heal themselves, because then the world will be healed.

On Thursday I’ll be introducing the most provocative, exciting video series I’ve ever done, and in August, I’ll have a program with the same theme. The videos and the program will transform the way you think about your life!

That’s a BIG STATEMENT! But I can handle it. I’m BIG. I want more for me and you!