The Living Obituary

Brenda Florida, loving mother, grandmother, daughter, sister and friend. Many viewed her as passionate, ambitious and determined.

They were right.

She loved life and the people in her life.

And, she was often ashamed of the money she spent, her body and her failed relationships with men. At times her shame was so deep she felt like she took up too much space, was unworthy, flawed and defective.

She was ashamed to feel proud of herself. As a child she was told, “pride cometh before a fall.” Confusing feeling proud with being arrogant, as many do, she wasn’t able to own her brilliance. The brilliance of living as the unique expression of the Divine that she was in the world. She limited herself in what she believed she was capable of. The lives she could touch. The change she could be in the world.

She died in Paris.

Thankfully, she was also reborn in Paris.

She heard the message, “It’s you. You’re the one.”

She cried. Something that in her previous life rarely happened.

She saw the beauty of Paris.

She experienced the beauty of the women who had joined her on a retreat.

Most importantly, she saw the beauty of her-Self. Her unique expression of the Divine. Who she truly is.

She owned her brilliance.

She does not know all the answers or what will happen next in this new life.

She does know that she will run towards the light of her own brilliance. Listen to what it says, go where it leads.

She knows that others will not always understand. That’s okay.

She knows she will fail, and will do so spectacularly! Knowing that what the world interprets as failure is the space where growth and beauty are born, where her brilliance will learn to shine brighter.

Her passion, love and determination are magnified because she owns her brilliance. She seeks her own answers from the Source of that brilliance. She doesn’t expect others to understand or approve. She follows the light.

Paris, the city of lights, beauty, fashion, architecture, history, art and it’s own brilliance was her birthplace. She knows who she is. Her worth. That she is the one.

She owns her brilliance.

She wants you to know, you have your own unique brilliance. That by owning your brilliance, you will be changed. And when we are changed, when we each own our brilliance, the world will be changed.