I'm Looking for Some Awesome People

I'm Looking for Some Really Awesome People.

Yes, I mean you!

Are you the kind of person who has a dream? Who wants to make an impact on the world? On your family? Your community? Your work?

I bet sometimes as you pursue those fantastic dreams, you get derailed. Something stops you.

I bet there is a voice inside your head telling you that you are not _________ enough to make your dreams come true.

Enough Already!

That's right. You are enough. You have enough.

Your dream is sacred. Your dream is your unique contribution to the world. We desperately need your dream to come into form.

Ready to kick "Not Enough" in the butt?

I am. I want to take you with me on the journey and kick those damn thoughts in the butt! I've learned this through experience. It's not theory. This shit works.

Join me for an online program I'll be creating guessed it...Enough Already.

We'll dream our dreams, kick our Not Enough thoughts to the curb and take action to get our dreams out into the world.

Do this now.

Sign-up to be an Enough Already Insider. That's the special group who will be the first to know when the program is ready for registration.

Why is it special? First, there's no obligation. Second, you get free gifts, and who doesn't love that? You'll get them a few minutes after you sign-up. Third, you’ll get special pricing, when registration opens for Enough Already.

I'm also going to be offering a "bring a friend" discount for Enough Already. That way you can share this with a friend and when they register you both get a $50 discount! 

So, go ahead, forward this email to a friend now. That way you can both be Enough Already Insiders and when registration opens there will be instructions as to how to get your "bring a friend" discount. 

Be that person! Be the one who says, ENOUGH ALREADY! I’m going to kick my “Not Enough” thoughts to the curb and empower myself to live the life of my dreams! Because…You are ENOUGH ALREADY!