Enough Already

Are things falling apart?

Does it feel like your life is falling apart?

We all have times where it feels like things are falling apart.

Maybe you’re in one of those times now.

We lose a job. We lose a relationship. We lose our home. We move. The car breaks down. The savings account dries up. We’re bombarded with upheaval and transition.

In times like these, it’s so easy to ask, “what did I do wrong?” Or it’s kissing cousin, “what’s wrong with me, that this happened?”

I’m here to tell you, nothing is wrong with you and you didn’t do anything wrong. There may be a lesson to learn, but that’s different.

When we do something, it doesn’t work, and we learn the lesson, we don’t label ourselves as “wrong.” A lesson learned doesn’t have that level of harshness and judgment.

How do we make the shift out of self-blame and judgment when life is topsy turvy and we’re feeling like everything has been turned up-side-down?

We start with self-compassion. We say, Enough Already.

We isolate the thoughts that keep us spinning.

“I screwed up again.”
“This always happens to me.”

“I’m never going to get the job, relationship, body, money, I want.”

And so on and so on.

Once you have the thought, you can work with it.

That’s what I’m teaching women to do this week in our Enough Already 5 Day Challenge.

You should join us!

The 5 Day Challenge starts tomorrow, so sign up now to get all the goodies. Each day you’ll get an email from me with a recorded message with your challenge. We have a private Facebook Group where we’ll gather to encourage each other, I’ll coach and answer questions and everyone will post their response to the day’s challenge.

At the end of the week I’m giving away a beautiful Enough Already necklace that was handmade and designed by the fabulous designer, Nilla Webber. Here’s a peak at it:

Join the challenge by clicking here and signing up. It’s easy, fun and transformative!

I don't have enough money!

“I don’t have enough money.”

It’s something I hear from my clients all the time. And I get it.

We have these big dreams - starting a business, traveling the world, and having a comfortable home, but we don’t think we have enough money to make these dreams a reality.

The truth is, money isn’t what’s holding us back. We are.

Download my free Plenty of Money worksheet below to reveal the one mindset shift you can make today to free yourself from your feelings of lack around money.

Let me tell you, I've been broke! I know exactly what this thought feels like! 

The important thing is that I learned how to free myself from the limits that thinking I didn't have enough money created for me. Spoiler alert! You'll find all sorts of creative ways to manifest and create the life you're dreaming of. 

Download the Plenty of Money Worksheet here and take yourself through a process I use with myself and clients whenever the thought that we don't have enough money rears it's ugly head. Come on! Let's slay that dragon! 

If you have any questions or want to inquire about working with me, shoot me an email. Brenda@BrendaFlorida.com or check out my  Coaching page on the website. 


Enough Already!

We’ve got everything we need.

Is that hard to believe sometimes?

It’s easy to get sucked into the vortex of self-criticism and self-doubt. Once we do, our minds are experts at showing us, or reminding us of, all the evidence to prove our negative self-talk is true. And, oh my, how skilled the mind is at this. It will even distort something just to prove itself right!

What do we do? How do we stop the cycle?

We have to interrupt the pattern. Interrupt the habit.

You see, I’ve come to realize negative self-talk and criticism are just habits. Like a habit of brushing your teeth. You do it without really thinking about it. You just do it.

In this case we want to stop doing it.

Try this: before going to sleep, take a moment to replay the day. Where did you succumb to the habit of self-criticism and negative self-talk? I like to have my journal handy so I can jot them down. Notice what triggered you into negativity. Notice how you behaved.

I use the word “notice” on purpose. Don’t use this replay to dive back into negative self-talk and criticism. Like a loving friend, simply notice what triggered you. It’s okay. We all get triggered.

Break the habit.

Now, revisit the exact same scenario. The same thing happens, but you don’t slip into negative self-talk and criticism. In fact, you imagine yourself feeling confident and able to handle whatever came up. From this frame of mind, replay the scenario and imagine yourself doing it differently. What would you say? What would you do? How would it feel?

You won’t be able to break the habit without imagining yourself without the habit. The person you will be when you aren’t criticizing yourself. Who will you be? Imagine it.

When you wake up the next day, take a few minutes to get the image of yourself without the negative self-talk and set an intention to bring the new you into your day. The more often you do this, the more you break the habit of the old self.

You’re simply practicing being the new you. It takes practice. You won’t do it perfectly, and that’s okay. It takes time to break a habit. Love yourself through the process.

Live Lavishly through self-love and practicing being the best version of yourself.

Ever feel not lovable enough?

I know exactly how this feels.

I’ve been divorced twice and single for 17 years. I can, and have, gone deep into the rabbit hole of not feeling lovable enough.

Valentine’s Day is approaching. This is one of two holidays (New Year’s Eve being the other) that puts a magnifying glass on the issue of being part of a couple or being single.

When I drop into that rabbit hole of feeling not loveable, I can give you plenty of evidence to support that thought. It’s a thought that leads to a terrible feeling of emptiness and unworthiness. Not a fun feeling.

Just say no.

Say no to the thought. Let’s face it, there are other thoughts you say no to, probably all the time. Especially if you’re trying to start a new habit or stop an old one. You have the thought, I should go to the gym today. Then you say to yourself, no. I’ll do that tomorrow. Or, you tell yourself you shouldn’t eat that piece of cake, you are on a diet, and you say, no. No to the diet.

Why not take the same approach with the thought that you aren’t loveable (desirable, clever, cute or any other reason you tell yourself for being single)? Just say no. No. I am loveable. I am desirable. I am clever. I am cute. I am….

Then grab a supportive friend, or invite some people over, or get online and do a video conferencing party with some cool people that don’t live near you. (Zoom is a great free service for video conferencing. They don’t care if you do it for fun instead of business!)

Break the habit of telling yourself you are not loveable enough. The only way to break a habit is to start doing things differently. Trust me, that thought, and the others that stress you out, are just habits. They can be replaced by something more fun.

Give yourself the Valentine’s gift of something much more fun! You are lovable. You are desirable, you are clever and cute and everything you need to be. You are exactly who you need to be. You are a gift. A Valentine’s gift to yourself and the world.

Can you help a sister out?

I recently ran a big promotion for an online program I'm offering, Enough Already. 

If you decided not to invest in Enough Already, I’d really love to know why. 

Will you help a sister out and hit me with your most brutal honesty? I’d love to know so I can improve. I want to expand my offerings this year and I want you to get what you need. 

Any answer is a good one. Maybe you forgot, maybe it didn't appeal to you. That's good for me to know. If you don't like online programs or the timing didn't feel right, or I didn't do a good job explaining what it was all about, you hate the name or didn't like the photos I used... really, any feedback is good feedback. 

I'd also love to know how you'd like to work with me?

Do you like one-on-one coaching, online programs, face-to-face events, retreats, or something else? 

I want to expand my offerings and services in 2018 and I'd love to know what you'd like and how you'd like to engage with my work. 

Just comment below or email me. I'll be soooo grateful! 

Living Lavishly in 2018, 


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Ever have that fear that you’re missing out on something?

Don’t miss out on this!  

Are you the kind of person who has a dream? Who wants to make an impact on the world? On your family? Your community? Your work?

I bet sometimes as you pursue those fantastic dreams, you get derailed. Something stops you.

I bet there is a voice inside your head telling you that you are not _________ enough to make your dreams come true. You can fill in the blanks in your own way, but here are the common ones I hear…

Not smart enough

Not educated enough

Not connected to enough of the right people

Not old or young enough

There isn’t enough time

Not enough money

Not enough resources

I’m here to tell you…ENOUGH ALREADY!

You are enough. You have enough. Right now.

Registration is OPEN for my new online program, Enough Already!

I’ll coach you through knowing you are Enough Already!

Enough Already is a program I’ve created. It’s going to take you through each “Not Enough” thought and disempower it. Turn it to mush. Make it melt.

You got it.

I’ve created a kick-ass online program. A bold statement. Why is it kick-ass?

Because I’m going to coach you through the entire process from those awesome, big dreams of yours to finding those insidious, beastly “Not Enough” thoughts. Then we’ll blast them with down-to-earth, hard-hitting coaching magic that will melt their wicked impact on your life.

How do I know how to do this? How can I teach you?

Because I’ve been there and done that! It’s a cliché, but it’s true… That’s right. I’m not too proud to say it. I’ve been where you are. I was so frustrated because my life didn’t reflect my dreams. I took a deep dive and discovered that I had all these “Not Enough” thoughts running around in my head that sabotaged the things I was trying to do to reach my dreams.

Once I know what’s in my way, I’ll move heaven and earth to get it out of my way!

I’ll coach you and teach you to do the same.

So, let’s kick some serious ass and get you on track to live the life of your dreams.

I’m looking for some really awesome people (yes, I mean you!) to register during the special “Pre-launch” period. Enough Already will be delivered to your inbox on Valentine’s Day.

When you register now you’ll get special pricing, a gift package I call “Love Bomb,” and a discount if you bring a friend to register with you!

I’ve set up an easy payment plan if that helps.

You’ll get the Love Bomb package within a few minutes of paying your registration fee.

Here's what you'll find in your Love Bomb

You’re going to get practical tips and tools for achieving better physical health, while remembering to be kind and practice self-compassion, from Alyssa Crawford

Get amazing help with body image and self-love, from my friend and life coach, Monna McDiarmid. There's a lovely video where you can travel with Monna through her own transformation of letting go of her limiting beliefs.

There's a video on personal power and how to escape the dis-empowering mind-trips we all get triggered into with master facilitator, David Winkelman.

Last, but not least, life coach Sobia Durrani joins me for a powerful discussion on how to follow your inner compass instead of cultural norms and expectations. She gives you a great tool and practical tips on how to navigate living compass vs. culture.

You’ll get the online program delivered to you on Valentine’s Day, February 14. It’s my way of sending you love on the day we celebrate love. It’s the perfect time to slay those “Not Enough” thoughts and kick-ass in 2018!

I’m not sure how to put a price on a program that will give you the tools you need to kick those “Not Enough” thoughts to the curb. What comes to mind is…Priceless!! So, the program price is already going to seem like a bargain, but you’re going to get it for even less!

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Make 2018 the year of knowing we are Enough Already!

Be bold and courageous! 

Let's set the intention right now to leave those "Not Enough" thoughts behind.

When you feel Enough Already, you feel like a million bucks. There's no better way to start a new year. 

I talk a lot about Owning Your Brilliance. Several months ago I created a guided meditation to help all of us Own our Brilliance. The meditation helps me access that inner wisdom that knows I am Enough Already! Once I find that wisdom I can create an amazing life.  If you don't have that meditation, you can get here.

Slaying those Not Enough thoughts is an awesome way to Own Your Brilliance and believe in infinite possibilities. It all starts with knowing we are Enough Already.

I'm a life coach and pragmatist, so I love it when people say, "sounds good, Brenda, but how do I do it?" I get that a lot, so I decided to create an online program to help us do it.  The program will be a great way to work with your Not Enough thoughts at your own pace, day or night, whenever the need arises. Over and over if necessary. Some of them are stubborn little buggers! 

I'll open registration in January for Enough Already, but for this minute, and I mean right now...signup to become an Enough Already Insider. It will only take a second to sign up and then magic will begin! You'll get immediate access to some cool bonus material I created with some talented friends and coaches. You'll get the bonuses delivered to your inbox right after you signup to be an Enough Already Insider

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Start 2018 off with a bang with this juicy, some might say, magical, Enough Already Insider bonus material. There are four recorded videos, one for your Body, Mind, Spirit and Soul. That's my git to you. 

Let's make 2018 the year of knowing we are Enough Already! 

Are you your thoughts?

I was talking to my super smart friend, David Winkelman, of Winkelman Solutions about our thoughts. 

He gave me this great quote, "Your thoughts don't care about you." 

That got us going on a long conversation. 

David is someone who I refer to as a change agent. Change is his specialty. He helps organizations and people create change. 

I asked him to join me for a recorded conversation on this topic that I could share with everyone who signs up to be in Enough Already Insider. Of course, he said, yes. That's the kind of guy he is. 

I had this idea that I wanted to give everyone who signed up as an Enough Already Insider, some cool bonuses, just for signing up. 

The idea took wings and flew! When you sign up to be an Enough Already Insider, you'll get my conversation with David. It's juicy and delicious!  But, that's not all, as they say! 

I talked to some other cool friends and we've created a body, mind, spirit and soul bonus package for you. Here's how it looks: 

Body: Certified Fitness Instructor and Nutrition Advocate, Alyssa Crawford is going to talk about the CORE 4. These are four simple things you can easily implement as we start a new year and you think about improvements you may want to make to your body. Alyssa isn't going to tell you to do 40 push-ups, so no worries. I am terrible at getting regular exercise, but her CORE 4 left me feeling like, "I can do that!" Join Alyssa and I as we chat from her LA home. 

Mind: This the talented David Winkelman and the conversation about our thoughts not caring about us. You won't want to miss this. 

Spirit: My beautiful friend and certified life coach, Monna McDiarmid created an audio of a poem she wrote about self-compassion. I met Monna in Paris on a retreat. This woman is so beautiful, inside and out, it is stunning. She has the most beautiful way of practicing the art of self-compassion, something most of us aren't very good at. I asked her to share some of her secrets with us. 

Soul: That's me. I've got a guided meditation you'll be able to download, plus a worksheet to support you in recording your insights from the meditation. I love guided meditation because it's a lot 'easier' than trying to sit still and will yourself to clear you mind. Your mind will follow the imagery and scenes I describe. That serves to free your soul to get in touch with the soul's mother-ship, the Divine. From there you can 'hear' what the Divine has for you. 

I hope you'll decide to join the Enough Already Insider group! You'll get these delicious bonuses, plus, a special discount when Enough Already registration opens.

I've also decided to offer a "bring a friend" discount! I'll give you, and as many friends as you want, a discount! If you're an Insider, that means two discounts. We're going to have a private Facebook group as part of the Enough Already program and I know you'll enjoy going through the program with a friend. So, grab her (or him, all men are welcome!) and have them sign up as an Enough Already Insider so they get these yummy bonuses, then you'll both get a discount when you register. 

Remember, there's no obligation to register for the program as an Enough Already Insider. Enjoy the bonuses as our New Year's gift to you! 

I'm Looking for Some Awesome People

I'm Looking for Some Really Awesome People.

Yes, I mean you!

Are you the kind of person who has a dream? Who wants to make an impact on the world? On your family? Your community? Your work?

I bet sometimes as you pursue those fantastic dreams, you get derailed. Something stops you.

I bet there is a voice inside your head telling you that you are not _________ enough to make your dreams come true.

Enough Already!

That's right. You are enough. You have enough.

Your dream is sacred. Your dream is your unique contribution to the world. We desperately need your dream to come into form.

Ready to kick "Not Enough" in the butt?

I am. I want to take you with me on the journey and kick those damn thoughts in the butt! I've learned this through experience. It's not theory. This shit works.

Join me for an online program I'll be creating called...you guessed it...Enough Already.

We'll dream our dreams, kick our Not Enough thoughts to the curb and take action to get our dreams out into the world.

Do this now.

Sign-up to be an Enough Already Insider. That's the special group who will be the first to know when the program is ready for registration.

Why is it special? First, there's no obligation. Second, you get free gifts, and who doesn't love that? You'll get them a few minutes after you sign-up. Third, you’ll get special pricing, when registration opens for Enough Already.

I'm also going to be offering a "bring a friend" discount for Enough Already. That way you can share this with a friend and when they register you both get a $50 discount! 

So, go ahead, forward this email to a friend now. That way you can both be Enough Already Insiders and when registration opens there will be instructions as to how to get your "bring a friend" discount. 

Be that person! Be the one who says, ENOUGH ALREADY! I’m going to kick my “Not Enough” thoughts to the curb and empower myself to live the life of my dreams! Because…You are ENOUGH ALREADY!

I'm not busy enough

What!? Is that a typo?

Not at all. It's day nine of 12 Days of Enough and I know at the holidays, there are times we feel like we aren’t busy enough.

What that usually translates into is not being popular enough or not having enough friends or family. You’re lonely. You have too much time on your hands.

Here's my "not busy enough" story

I remember one Christmas morning. It was the first time, post-divorce, that my kids were with their dad, instead of waking up with me.

Let me tell you, it was the quietest, calmest Christmas morning ever and I hated it! I definitely didn’t feel busy enough.

What’s my Lifestyle Advice for this one?

Be good to yourself. Even if that means having a good cry. Just don’t get stuck in the crying.

Take yourself out to a movie or grab a good book.

Volunteer and help those who need you.

This is the perfect time to give back. It will keep you busy, grateful and feeling connected to the community. We’re never alone. There are so many people who long for connection and acceptance. Give what you want. Connection and acceptance.

That’s the gift that keeps on giving.

Please feel free give the gift of being enough to your friends by sharing this with them! They can click here to get the series delivered directly to them. 

Do you have BIG Dreams and Ideas?

Do you have BIG Dreams and Ideas?

I sure do! In today's video, in addition to getting the full picture of how much I like to talk with my hands...we're going to talk about big dreams and ideas. Here's the catch, and all of you dreamers have experienced this: you start to move towards your dream and, BAM! Some stinking thought about how you're not enough or don't have enough will settle in.

Are you enough already? Do you have enough to go for those BIG dreams?

Hell yes! You are enough and you have enough. Right now. The seed of everything great is in you. Otherwise you wouldn't have the great idea, someone else would.

These thoughts about not being enough are really important to me. I've had them hold me back and I see it with clients. Let's slay those bad boys! Watch today's video for how to do that.

Do You Ever Feel Like You're Not Enough?

Do You Ever Feel Like You're Not Enough?

I think we have all felt like we aren't enough. We get that terrible thought or feeling that says, you aren't smart enough to do that. Or, you aren't experienced enough to go for that promotion. How about this one, you aren't good enough. Ugh. That one can stop me dead in my tracks.

Sometimes it's money and time. How often have you said, or...uhhh, let's say, someone you know said, "I don't have enough money for that." "I don't have enough time for that!" If we had a dollar for every time we...I mean, someone we know, said that...we'd have plenty of money!

So, what in the world do we do about it?

In today's video I'll give you a good life coaching trick for taking the sting and power out of your "Not Enough" thoughts and feelings.