Ever have that fear that you’re missing out on something?

Don’t miss out on this!  

Are you the kind of person who has a dream? Who wants to make an impact on the world? On your family? Your community? Your work?

I bet sometimes as you pursue those fantastic dreams, you get derailed. Something stops you.

I bet there is a voice inside your head telling you that you are not _________ enough to make your dreams come true. You can fill in the blanks in your own way, but here are the common ones I hear…

Not smart enough

Not educated enough

Not connected to enough of the right people

Not old or young enough

There isn’t enough time

Not enough money

Not enough resources

I’m here to tell you…ENOUGH ALREADY!

You are enough. You have enough. Right now.

Registration is OPEN for my new online program, Enough Already!

I’ll coach you through knowing you are Enough Already!

Enough Already is a program I’ve created. It’s going to take you through each “Not Enough” thought and disempower it. Turn it to mush. Make it melt.

You got it.

I’ve created a kick-ass online program. A bold statement. Why is it kick-ass?

Because I’m going to coach you through the entire process from those awesome, big dreams of yours to finding those insidious, beastly “Not Enough” thoughts. Then we’ll blast them with down-to-earth, hard-hitting coaching magic that will melt their wicked impact on your life.

How do I know how to do this? How can I teach you?

Because I’ve been there and done that! It’s a cliché, but it’s true… That’s right. I’m not too proud to say it. I’ve been where you are. I was so frustrated because my life didn’t reflect my dreams. I took a deep dive and discovered that I had all these “Not Enough” thoughts running around in my head that sabotaged the things I was trying to do to reach my dreams.

Once I know what’s in my way, I’ll move heaven and earth to get it out of my way!

I’ll coach you and teach you to do the same.

So, let’s kick some serious ass and get you on track to live the life of your dreams.

I’m looking for some really awesome people (yes, I mean you!) to register during the special “Pre-launch” period. Enough Already will be delivered to your inbox on Valentine’s Day.

When you register now you’ll get special pricing, a gift package I call “Love Bomb,” and a discount if you bring a friend to register with you!

I’ve set up an easy payment plan if that helps.

You’ll get the Love Bomb package within a few minutes of paying your registration fee.

Here's what you'll find in your Love Bomb

You’re going to get practical tips and tools for achieving better physical health, while remembering to be kind and practice self-compassion, from Alyssa Crawford

Get amazing help with body image and self-love, from my friend and life coach, Monna McDiarmid. There's a lovely video where you can travel with Monna through her own transformation of letting go of her limiting beliefs.

There's a video on personal power and how to escape the dis-empowering mind-trips we all get triggered into with master facilitator, David Winkelman.

Last, but not least, life coach Sobia Durrani joins me for a powerful discussion on how to follow your inner compass instead of cultural norms and expectations. She gives you a great tool and practical tips on how to navigate living compass vs. culture.

You’ll get the online program delivered to you on Valentine’s Day, February 14. It’s my way of sending you love on the day we celebrate love. It’s the perfect time to slay those “Not Enough” thoughts and kick-ass in 2018!

I’m not sure how to put a price on a program that will give you the tools you need to kick those “Not Enough” thoughts to the curb. What comes to mind is…Priceless!! So, the program price is already going to seem like a bargain, but you’re going to get it for even less!

You can leap over to the registration page and sign up today for the bargain price of $397. I’m even offering a payment plan to make all this yummy goodness really affordable!

On top of that you can bring a friend to the program and get an additional $50 off and so can your friend! Use the code FRIEND and when your friend registers, they can use the discount code too so they get $50 off. I’m going to trust that you will only use the FRIEND discount code if you have a friend who is also registering.

Don’t miss out. Be that person. Be the one who says, ENOUGH ALREADY! I’m going to kick my “Not Enough” thoughts to the curb and empower myself to live the life of my dreams! Because…You are ENOUGH ALREADY!

Register for Enough Already today!