The Connection Between Health and Pleasure

Did you know that cortisol, a hormone your brain triggers when you are stressed, makes it five times more likely that you’ll die from a heart attack? Tell me, how much of your day is filled with stress?

We all know that stress isn’t good for us.

How do we change it? Is there really a way out?

There is.

I’ve experienced it. I’ve coached people through it.

Where do you begin?


Yes, it’s that simple. Or, hard. We don’t often give ourselves permission to have pleasure in our lives. Especially not when life is stressful.

I’ve got a challenge for you.

I call it, The Pleasure Power 5 Day Facebook Challenge.

Join me for five days. Just five. Each day I’ll send you a short audio with a challenge for bringing a little pleasure into your life that day. You’ll decide what you want to do, then post something about it in a private Facebook group where a bunch of other awesome people are doing the same.

It will be fun and easy. You can even use it to reduce stress.

Get the information and register here. We start on Monday, July 16 and we’ll finish on Friday, July 20. There’s even a great prize (a commissioned piece of jewelry) for someone who posts in the FB Group each of the five days.

What have you got to lose….a deadly heart attack? I think it’s worth giving pleasure a shot!

Simple Pleasures

The Joy of Pleasure

This is one of my favorite topics! Today, you're joining me live from my kitchen. I get a lot of pleasure out of cooking and eating. Oh yes, and the wine I enjoy with those! Sometimes I feel like pleasure has gone out of style.

Pleasure as a Necessity

Let's face it. We all need to take time for pleasure. Do I mean, anything goes? No, of course not. I balance my chicken in creamy wine sauce with taking Juice Plus to be sure I get all my fruits and veggies in, something that can be a challenge for me. I mentioned my daughter, Alyssa Crawford, is a fitness instructor, maybe you want to balance some movement with your eating, like I do.

Join me as we talk about the benefits of pleasure to help us live lavishly!

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