To be a mother...or not to be....

This blog is for everyone who’s NOT a mom and for those who are.

I love you both! It’s so refreshing to see the cultural “norm” of motherhood being questioned and abandoned. If you don’t have an intense, and I mean, intense, desire to have kids, please don’t. And never, never apologize for it! A woman isn’t “better” because she wants to be a mother. Sometimes I think we slip into temporary insanity, otherwise, why would we want to do it?! #kiddingnotkidding


Being a mother is my greatest joy and at times, my greatest challenge. I have four children in their 30’s. They live in CA, PA and Equatorial Guinea, Africa, which is why there aren’t some adorable family photos in this blog. My son in Africa has been away for five years now. Holy smokes do I miss hugging that kids and being able to even talk on the phone! (I did get my daughter and grandaughter to join me for a photo shoot in Manhattan Beach, CA recently though, so I've included one of those photos)

Here’s what I know for sure

Watching your adult kids create the lives they love is the greatest thrill. My youngest in Africa is creating video games and loves it, he also teaches English as a second language. Next up is a mother, fitness instructor, wife extraordinaire and helps me with a lot of my ‘behind the scenes’ work. Then there’s another son, he’s in tech, just took a new job with a start-up in SoCal, loves his wife and dog and recently said to me, “we make conscious decisions to make our journey through life fun and interesting. It’s okay if we misstep.” As my oldest daughter said when I shared that with her, “Your work is done with that one!” Then there’s the oldest. Wise and strong. Brave and true. She’s a fabulous wife, mother of two, and has a gift for kindness that astounds me.  

Whether you’re celebrating your children, or the fact that you don’t have any, please celebrate the gift that you are as a woman to the world. I am a big believer that women will change the world in this next generation and you are part of that. Regardless of age, you are the change the world needs!

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