Not Enough

Do You Ever Feel Like You're Not Enough?

Do You Ever Feel Like You're Not Enough?

I think we have all felt like we aren't enough. We get that terrible thought or feeling that says, you aren't smart enough to do that. Or, you aren't experienced enough to go for that promotion. How about this one, you aren't good enough. Ugh. That one can stop me dead in my tracks.

Sometimes it's money and time. How often have you said, or...uhhh, let's say, someone you know said, "I don't have enough money for that." "I don't have enough time for that!" If we had a dollar for every time we...I mean, someone we know, said that...we'd have plenty of money!

So, what in the world do we do about it?

In today's video I'll give you a good life coaching trick for taking the sting and power out of your "Not Enough" thoughts and feelings.