Live Lavishly Light Episode #28

Are you tired? Stressed? Tired of putting off what's important to you? 

Today's Live Lavishly Light Episode is for you! Learn how the stress hormone, cortisol, is literally killing us, while the happiness and pleasure hormone, serotonin, will bring you health, productivity and creativity. 

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Live Lavishly Light Episode #27

Do you wish your health was better, or had more time to create and enjoy your life? 

Today I've got a fun, easy answer for how to be healthier, more productive and more creative! 

Check out the video right now! There's a special 5 Day Facebook Challenge I've started that will get you taking action and adding pleasure to your life. Yes, it's pleasure that improves your health, productivity and creativity. 

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Simple Pleasures

The Joy of Pleasure

This is one of my favorite topics! Today, you're joining me live from my kitchen. I get a lot of pleasure out of cooking and eating. Oh yes, and the wine I enjoy with those! Sometimes I feel like pleasure has gone out of style.

Pleasure as a Necessity

Let's face it. We all need to take time for pleasure. Do I mean, anything goes? No, of course not. I balance my chicken in creamy wine sauce with taking Juice Plus to be sure I get all my fruits and veggies in, something that can be a challenge for me. I mentioned my daughter, Alyssa Crawford, is a fitness instructor, maybe you want to balance some movement with your eating, like I do.

Join me as we talk about the benefits of pleasure to help us live lavishly!

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