It's Christmas Day! Feeling like you're not prepared enough?

It’s Christmas day. The 12th day of our 12 Days of Enough.

Maybe you were up into the wee hours of the morning wrapping presents. Maybe you don’t have all the food prep done for the day that you hoped for.

Here’s my Lifestyle Advice for this not enough thought: Toss it in the trash.

It’s Christmas. What ever is done, is done, and what isn’t done may not get done-- and that’s okay.

Do you know why it’s okay? Because it’s the truth. 

The truth, even an inconvenient one, is less stressful than all the thoughts about how it should be another way.

Give yourself the best Christmas present ever.

Be enough. You’ve done enough. If that means there aren’t rolls with dinner or you eat a little later or go out for Chinese food, who really cares?

Celebrate the season. Celebrate love. Celebrate you, because you are enough already!

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