Live Lavishly Light Episode #2

Welcome to the new series, Live Lavishly Light!

We’re going to start every Monday with something to illuminate the week. An inspiration, insight or coaching tip, something yummy and delicious.

I’ve created a YouTube playlist where all the episodes can be found. That way if you miss one, you can always go to the playlist and see it there.

Today’s Live Lavishly Light Episode is all about unexpected blessings.

I’ve dedicated this episode to my mom, you’ll hear why in the video.

Unexpected blessings are all around us. It’s all about being aware of them and giving them our attention. (Episode 1 covers the power of where we place our attention.)

How many unexpected blessings will you notice this week? Let me know in the comments on YouTube or Facebook.

Live Lavishly Light Episode #1

Live Lavishly Light

Let's start every week with some extra light! 

Today I'm starting a new series of videos: Live Lavishly Light. Every Monday we'll explore an idea, coaching tip or inspiring thought that will help us live with a little more light in our lavish lives. 

In episode #1, we explore the connection between attention and energy. Wherever we put our attention, our energy follows. 

I've got a funny story to illustrate how I got caught into putting my attention on something that stole my attention from something much more meaningful. 

Join me as we go deeper into how to live lavishly!