Massive Improvement in Record Time!

Seem too good to be true?

Usually anything that’s really massive takes a lot of time.

When it comes to improving your life…

Working with me as your coach, is a super-charged life-hack!!

Think about all the things that most of us have struggle with, probably, for years:

·      Childhood trauma.

·      Family drama and stress.

·      Fears about money.

·      Anxiety about job security.

·      Stress in relationships.

·      Coping with the rollercoaster of being an Entrepreneur.

Can you relate to any of these? If you’re like most of us, you can relate to more than one.

We get so used to them being in our lives, it feels normal. It can feel like who we are.

“I have anxiety issues.”

“My family is dysfunctional”

“I’m always worried I could lose my job or money. It happens all the time to people. I can’t afford to relax or take my eyes off the prize, even if it is exhausting me and making me sick.”

We begin to take on circumstances as if they are who we are.

That’s when we need a life-hack.

You are so much more than your circumstances. No matter how huge and impossible yours may seem.

Enter, best-life-hack-ever… a great life coach!

Why? No, it’s not because I am one.

Here’s why hiring a life coach will save you tons of money and tons of time while you create massive improvement in your life:

·      I am objective, I don’t have any preconceived ideas of you or your life.

·      I have no agenda for you. You can quit your job, leave your business, live off the grid, buy a mansion, take off a year to sail the world, risk everything to start a business, leave your marriage, get into a polyamorous relationship, never go home for the holidays again… respectfully, I don’t care about the “things,” or the circumstances.

·      I have no baggage with you. We’ve never had a disagreement or pissed each other off. I’m not blinded by my love for you, although I have love and compassion for you. I don’t know what you did as a teenager or at any point in your life before our first session. I don’t know your family and what their expectations, imperfections or biases are.

I only know you as you are, right now.

It’s a fresh start.

We’ll create who you want to become.

Will we dive into some of those past circumstances, family patterns and who you think you are. Those things are helpful to the process. Then we’ll fucking liberate you from the things that hold you back!

As your life-hack, life coach, we’ll focus on what you yearn for, the thoughts that stop you in your tracks and how to turn them around so that they become empowering. We’ll tackle the feelings that diminish and limit you and transform them into the feelings that your liberated new-self will feel, then we’ll take action. Action that is inspired, playful and in alignment with your highest good.

It’s fun. It’s fast (especially compared to years in therapy.) It’s life changing.

One of my recent clients described it this way, “I really do feel like a shiny new person Brenda. You have changed my life forever. Thank you!” Jennee

Let’s get your life-hack started. Book a 15-minute Discovery Call and we’ll explore how I can facilitate you getting the sustainable transformation you’re looking for. There’s no obligation or commitment. This is an exploratory call to see if I can help you and if so, how. I’ve got some openings in the next few days, so give yourself some relief. Let’s talk about what you need. Book your call now, right here.

Talk about it Tuesday - Confusion to Clarity

Think about something in your life that confuses you.

This could be something related to your career, family, relationships, etc…

In today’s Talk About it Tuesday, I talk about how to find clarify in confusing situations in life. This is a technique that I use with my clients who are struggling to understand the next step the want to take.

Not enough courage to say no to a holiday invitation?

What if that invitation is from your family? Do you ever feel like you don't have enough courage?

It's day three of 12 Days of Enough. 

I know so many people who spend time with their families, or go to a party, or any number of invitations we get at the holidays, out of obligation. They don't want to go. They feel like they have to go. They feel like they do not have enough courage to say no. 

Here's my Lifestyle Advice: Maya Angelou said, “Courage is the most important of all the virtues because without courage, you can't practice any other virtue consistently.”

How do we cultivate courage?

Small steps. First, with yourself. Admit to yourself that being with your family (or another invitation) at the holidays is not right for you. Don’t stop there.

If you want to move towards courage you have to be painfully honest with yourself first. Dig deep. Articulate why. Find the important reasons. Not “I don’t like my mom’s cooking.”  Though you may not, that’s probably not a deal breaker.

Sometimes we confuse courage with rebellion

Rebellion says, ‘Hell no. I’m not going.” You either get over the rebellion and go, or you stay home for the wrong reasons.

Don’t get me wrong. Rebellion has its place. Sometimes it actually helps me get to courage.

Don’t get stuck in rebellion. Find your truth

Truth feels peaceful. It might be difficult, but there’s a peaceful understanding in your soul that this is the best thing for you.

Once you have that, courage is usually right there, ready and waiting for you.

If you aren’t there, get some support. A friend, therapist, or life coach. Someone who can help you find that place of peaceful truth and find your voice to live in alignment with your truth.

We all deserve to live in alignment with our truth. Even when it’s inconvenient. Even when it's the holidays. 

Your courage is in you. You might just need a little help uncovering it.

You are courageous enough! 

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12 Days of Enough!

You've heard of the 12 Days of Christmas, well I'm doing 12 Days of Enough!

There are so many ways to feel like we aren't enough. Especially at the holidays. 

This year I'm going to remind you every day, from now until Christmas Day, that you are Enough Already! We'll focus on one thought a day and I'll give you a little lifestyle advise-- a hack if you want to call it that-- for you to slay that thought and liberate yourself! The perfect holiday gift!

I bet you'll relate to each one of the twelve in one way or another. Please feel free give the gift of being enough to your friends by sharing this with them! They can click here to get the series delivered directly to them. 

This will be fun. I'll be brief. (I know, that one's hard to believe, but I'll do my best!)

Here we go. Day 1 of Enough.

Do you ever feel like you aren't successful enough?     

Lifestyle Advice: If you ever struggle with the thought that you are not successful enough, and therefore a disappointment to your family, or maybe your spouse’s family, your neighbors, or anyone else…this one’s for you! The first thing you need to know is that, “I’m not successful enough,” is just a thought. I’m not trying to be pedantic, but it’s just a thought. As is the case with most of our thoughts, they often are not true.

How many times have you thought someone was mad at you, and they weren’t. Or you thought the person you love, who is late coming home, was in a car accident, and they weren’t.

I bet if I gave you $50, you could come up with a list of 10 thoughts you’ve had recently that didn’t turn out to be true.

But, you say, Brenda, in my case, it’s true. My family told me I am a disappointment. Ouch. While that’s tough, there are plenty of fabulous people in history, and living today, who have disappointed their families with their greatness!

Give yourself the gift of believing in yourself so much that what others think of you, even your family, isn’t terribly important. I’m not saying there’s no sting at all, but really, think of the person you admire most; Beyonce, Michelle Obama, Oprah, anyone living or dead. Imagine that you are with them, going to their holiday family gathering and their family is disappointed in them. Imagine all the ways you would think, “These people really don’t get it. I can see that they love her (or him), but they are disappointed in someone who is fabulous!” You wouldn’t change your opinion of the person you admire. You’d see that it's the family who is mistaken.

Now…here’s the big finish…look in the mirror. That’s how it is for you. You are fabulous, no matter who thinks what.

You know why? Because you’re you. A unique expression of the Divine. There hasn’t been and won’t be another one just like you. That’s fabulous. Anyone who can’t see it has their own issue. Bless them and don’t let them diminish your brilliance.