Feeling like there's not enough money for the gifts you want to buy?

It's day four of 12 Days of Enough and we're going to deal with... not enough money!

Here's my Lifestyle Advice: The holidays are great for pushing our money buttons. The scarcity of ‘not enough.’

This is a great time to take advantage of the Own Your Brilliance guided meditation. If you don’t already have it, it’s yours for free! You can get it here. It’s a great way to calm your thoughts and get in a peaceful place. When you get to your place of peace, in the meditation you’ll be imagining the bottom of the ocean floor where it’s so quiet and still you can hear the songs of whales for hundreds of miles, ask yourself a question. “What is possible with the money in my budget this holiday season?”

Then sit in stillness and wait.

See what happens.

You may have a feeling of unconditional love, you may begin to feel overwhelming gratitude, you may get an idea for something to create or a way to save money or remember an expense you can eliminate to free up some money.

The Universe is an unlimited place.

There are infinite possibilities.

We can’t usually see most of them because we’re so busy thinking our stressful, scarcity-driven thoughts. But that doesn’t change the truth that the Universe is unlimited.

Give yourself the gift of peace this season.

You have enough money.

If that means fewer people get gifts or that they are less expensive, or handmade (often the best anyway!), it doesn’t matter.

Give emotional gifts. Spend a couple of bucks at Target for some pretty paper and a pen and write the five things you admire most about each person you think you need to give a gift to. What could be better to receive than that?

You have enough and you are enough. That’s the truth.

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