Where does your life need a little death and rebirth?

This may not be the way you typically look at things.

It’s not the way we normally invite something into our life, by asking for a death. It seems counter-intuitive.

And yet, new life isn’t possible without the death of something. Think of it as what needs to go. What do you need to give away? What do you need to stop? What do you need to say no to? 

Let it go!

By letting go, by saying no, by ending an activity or pattern in your life that isn’t serving you any more, you open up the space for, yes, new life. New growth.

What do you want to create? What do you want to start? What do you want to say yes to?

There are things right now that want to be born in your life. New projects, creations, ideas, relationships, jobs, businesses and adventures are underground right now.

Think of it as a garden.

There are things waiting for you to tear out last year’s garden, till the soil and give them the conditions they need to grow and flourish.

If you had a garden, you wouldn’t try to plant new seeds without clearing out last year’s crop. You wouldn’t look at the straggly, dried up leftovers from last year’s garden and pretend it’s new and full of new life.

Where are you pretending in your life?

Where do you have a garden that is dried up and dead, and you're pretending it’s growing? Maybe you don’t delude yourself that it’s flourishing, but you rationalize that it’s okay. Plus, tearing it out and clearing the ground is a lot of work. Maybe it seems easier to make yourself believe it’s okay to have a dead garden.

We all do it.

Let’s stop.