How's your anxiety?

Anxiety hits all of us at some point.  

Sometimes it’s hot, heavy and never-ending. 

Sometimes it rushes in, out of nowhere, and grabs us by the throat.

It drives us into fear. Imagining terrible outcomes.

It’s always reminding us of something awful in the past or warning us about something awful in the future.

It masquerades as “helpful.”

As if it’s going to make you extra smart or extra resourceful in order to prevent or circumvent a terrible outcome it is imagining or remembering.

Think about it though.

Is it really helpful?

Does it really help you find your most creative, best possible outcome? Does it bring you to the best version of yourself?  


Our best ideas, our best problem-solving skills come out of a place of peace and love. That’s why we ask friends and family for help when we’re struggling. We know they will think of something we won’t. Because they aren’t in anxiety about the situation.

Would you like to turn down the volume on your anxiety and turn up the volume on peace and love?

Then join me for From Darkness to Light. It’s a four-week, small group, coaching program. I’m only allowing 10 people in the group. It’s for men and women. We’re going to face anxiety head-on with tools and life-hacks that will turn down that volume. You’ll move you towards the peace and love that moves you into better decisions, less stress and into a better version of yourself.

I’ve priced it at a super reasonable $99. Get all the deets here and register. It won’t be a mistake, I promise. Your anxiety might not like it, but isn’t that the point??? <3 <3

You're really just too much!

Moving too fast. Doing too much. Wanting too much. Risking too much. Too much.

Guilty as charged!  

Maybe you can relate to this. Since I was a kid, I’ve wanted to do a lot, see a lot, laugh a lot, be too loud, and live an exciting life. As you might guess, that got me in a little bit of trouble from time-to-time when I was young. As an adult, it’s gotten me into lots of trouble! I can’t tell you how many times people have told me, in one way or another, that I am too much. Sometimes they mean it admirably, sometimes, not so much.

I tend to move fast, make changes frequently, and take a lot of risks.

What do I mean? I’ve had two businesses that I sold, and third that I’m in the process of growing. I’ve left dream jobs to follow a different dream. I’ve moved. Holy smokes have I moved. I moved my family (3 teenagers, one in elementary school) from their home in NC to PA. Since then I’ve moved in PA nine times, once I make my next move in a few weeks. I’ve left two marriages and one significant relationship. I put all my belongings in storage and went to San Diego for eight months to recover from a break-up and decide who I wanted to be when I grew up. I was 53. Am I a flake?

A friend once described me as someone who jumps out of an airplane without knowing if I have a parachute, believing I’ve either got one or somehow I’ll find one on my way down. I’ve had friends imply that I leave relationships too quickly. Reminding me that all relationships have their rough patches and I leave before my partner and I can get past that. I know I’ve given my mother, my friends, and maybe my adult children, a few sleepless nights with this adventurous life I’ve led.

What would I change?

Nothing. Not one damn thing. Was some of it painful? Sure. Was some of it scary? Hell yes.

But here’s the interesting thing I recently realized.

Even with the wisdom of hindsight, there’s not one relationship I wish I had stayed in longer.

There’s not one job I wish I hadn’t left.

There’s not one risk I wish I hadn’t taken.

No regrets.

I love how fast I move

I love that I take risks. I love that I leave when I know in my gut that the job or the business or the relationship isn’t working. I don’t waste time on things that don’t work.

I know it’s not the life that everyone wants, that’s okay too. But it’s the life I want.

A very good friend said recently, “you won’t stop until there’s a tombstone over you.” He was right. The older I get, the more I challenge my pre-conceived ideas of what’s possible after 50. After 60. After 70…I don’t want to stop. Slow down. Quit risking. Quit loving. Quit growing.

Can you relate?

What do you like, or how do you live in ways that are outside of the ordinary? Ways that might invite criticism or disbelief from others? I’d love to hear how you might be considered "too much."

I hope you’ll continue with me in the journey of being too much! I don’t plan on stopping and I hope you won’t either!

How do you get your creative juices flowing?

How do you get your creative juices flowing?

Maybe you don't feel like you have any creative juice to get flowing! I'm here to tell you, that's not true!

All of us are creative.

We all have ideas.

Every new invention, every piece of art, every object in this beautiful world began as an idea. A thought.

From thought to form.

Every time we take a thought, or idea, and make it real, turn it into form, we are creating.

When you think of it that way, you've created a lot!

Creative space.

It's a lot easier to turn those thoughts and ideas into form when we give ourselves the space to cultivate and nurture our creative juices. Sometimes we spontaneously create something. The idea comes out of nowhere, we act on it and BAM! There it is! The painting, the blog post, the book, the freshly cooked dinner.

For me, it's much more likely that I create a space for myself that encourages my creative juices. What does that mean? I set the intention for this weekend to be one of creative space. I have a new program I'll be releasing soon, I want to free up some time to do more one-on-one coaching and I have some ideas about cool stuff I want to create for the holidays (they'll be here before we know it!) What will I do this weekend to make creative space for myself? Here's how it will look

  • No deadlines or activities to go to. I want to feel the freedom of open time.
  • Feed myself first. I've selected a couple of specific things to nurture my heart and soul.
  • Order. That may sound odd, but I want my house in order. I don't want to create in chaos, so I planned ahead and did the chores I might do on the weekend during the week.
  • Nature. I love to spend time in nature when I'm in my creative space. I'll go for a walk. If I can get near water (a river, ocean, pool, any water will do) I do that, I live on the third floor and back up to a wooded area. Sometimes sitting in my lovely living room looking out at the trees and sky is just what I need.
  • Movement. I might hit the gym for a while, or go for a walk, but my body needs to move. This is not second-nature to me. I have to work on this, but I do notice that moving my body gets my energy moving and that really helps my mind be more creative.
  • Love. Self-love. This means no judgment. No criticism. I don't look at what I create and label it as, not good enough. Even if I re-work it or create another version of it. Whatever I create, I love and value for what it is. Loving a 'raw' version of something opens me up to seeing what it might grow into. If I judge and criticize, it shuts off my creative energy.
  • Enough Already! Yes, rather than focussing on how my creation isn't good enough, big enough, brilliant enough or whatever 'not enough' thing that might cross my mind, I remind myself that I am enough already. That I have everything I need, right now. The seed of every creation, every idea, every program, every gift I might bring to the world is in me. My job is to give it the love and nurturing it needs to be born. I am enough already.

What will you create?

What are you yearning to create in your life?

Will you give yourself the time and space to create it?

This I know for sure, the world needs what you yearn to create.