The Two Taboo Topics that I'm Talking About!

Money and Sex!

They are unavoidable in life. And...

  • No one teaches you how to be good at them.

  • Everyone expects to be good at them.

  • It's not socially acceptable to admit you have a problem or discuss challenges you are having with either of them.

  • There is a lot of shame around "mistakes" in both topics.

  • They are the two most likely issues to cause couples to divorce.

And, I'm sick of it!

Let's talk about them.

I've got two excellent places for you to do it.

1. Cocktails and Coaching on Wednesday night at 5 pm Pacific/8 pm Eastern. I'd love to hear your questions about money and sex! There's a simple form you can fill out to submit your question. You don't have to include your name, so you keep your anonymity if you want. But, let's get a conversation going! Click here to submit a question.

2. Join my private Facebook Group, Live Lavishly: The Art of Sustainable Transformation. You can do that here. I'd love to see a post from a member asking a question about money or sex.

Here's what you'll get from me. No judgement! Never. And, honest answers, including, "I'm not sure. I've struggled with that too." In which case I'll start asking my network of really smart, cool coaches and see who can help us both.

Let me lay a truth on you. This is a capital T truth. I don't pretend to know what I don't know or coach something I can't do! I'm not the classic, "teach what you can't do" sort of coach.

I'm a total, "Live it to give it" coach!

I've had my share of money and sex challenges and traumas. I'm not perfect at either of them. No one is.

I have worked on my challenges and learned some killer tools that make me an amazing guide though. Someone to open doors and light the way for you to tap your unique inner wisdom and your unique path to freedom in finances and in your sex life!

And as a bit of a "teaser" I'll share that I am collaborating with three other badass people to bring you some amazing resources in the area of sex and sexuality. More to come of that in the next couple of months, but you're going to love it!

So.... join us for Cocktails and Coaching on Wednesday, join the FB Group and feel free to hit, "reply" and send me an email.

Who “runs the show” in your life?

Is it your kids, your spouse, your cranky boss, the economy, your friends or an organization you belong to?

Here’s the deal, if you feel like they are "running the show." 

They are zapping your power.

You need to "run the show" of your life.

That’s where the power is.

And I don’t mean power-over. Yuk. No one wants that.

I’m talking legit, earned, deserved, personal power. The power that is yours to use or set aside and let someone else ‘run the show.’

Personal power is kind.

Personal power has clarity.

Personal power asks for what it needs and wants.

If you sometimes struggle with accessing your personal power, it’s time for an upgrade!

I’ve got just the thing.

Join me tomorrow evening. That’s Monday, May 21, at 7:30 pm Eastern/4:30 pm Pacific for a free webinar, Upgrade Your Earning Power. We’re going to talk about the thoughts we have that prevent us from accessing our personal power. More importantly, I’m going to give you some awesome coaching tools to slay those thoughts.

You’ll leave the webinar empowered to:

·         Ask for a raise

·         Volunteer for the high-profile project

·         For entrepreneurs, you’ll have the confidence to raise your price or expand your business

·         Ask for what you need in any area of your life.

It may seem too good to be true, but it’s not. If you’ll spend an hour with me, in a quiet place without distractions, I’ll show you exactly what I did to coach myself through some serious professional hurdles (think jobless and almost penniless, I’ll tell you all about it on the webinar), and I’ve used the same strategy in every area of my life.

These tools will help you amplify your personal power and that makes figuring out the next step really easy.

You can signup for the webinar here.

I can’t wait to see how your life will change when you Upgrade Your Earning Power!  

Live Lavishly Light Episode #21

You know what a freak I am about mindset! 

I recently went to see Amy Schumer's new movie,  I Feel Pretty.  It's a must see, in my opinion! Profound and funny, which is a lavish combination! 

Today I want to inspire you to consider your mindset. Whether its how we see our bodies or whether we have the courage to ask for a raise or raise our prices with confidence and without guilt! 

That's what tomorrow's webinar is about: Earn What You Deserve. Sign up now and check out today's episode of Live Lavishly Light. 

How much money do you want to make?

Do you want to make more money than you're making? 

Do you think that you can't make more money until:

  • Your boss gives you a raise
  • You get more clients (because you're afraid to raise your prices)
  • The economy changes
  • You get more training or education


You need a change of mindset. The miracle of this that you can start creating change now by changing your thoughts about the money you make and how you make it. 

You're in charge!


Tuesday, May 1, at 7:30 pm Eastern, 4:30 Pacific, for a webinar designed to teach you how to empower your thoughts and gain the confidence you need to:

  • ask for a raise
  • raise your prices without feeling guilty
  • quit your soul-sucking job
  • expand your business

Sign up and grab your spot now! 

Do you earn what you deserve?

Most women in the US do not. Whether they work for someone else or own their own business, most women aren't earning what they deserve. 

I'm ready to change that! It feels like a mission! 

It all begins with mindset. The way we think drives the jobs we take, the prices we charge, whether we ask for a raise or expand our business. 

Check out today's video and then hop on over and sign up for the webinar, Earn What You Deserve, and I'll teach you how to create a mind-shift that will empower you and build your confidence professionally.

I don't have enough money!

“I don’t have enough money.”

It’s something I hear from my clients all the time. And I get it.

We have these big dreams - starting a business, traveling the world, and having a comfortable home, but we don’t think we have enough money to make these dreams a reality.

The truth is, money isn’t what’s holding us back. We are.

Download my free Plenty of Money worksheet below to reveal the one mindset shift you can make today to free yourself from your feelings of lack around money.

Let me tell you, I've been broke! I know exactly what this thought feels like! 

The important thing is that I learned how to free myself from the limits that thinking I didn't have enough money created for me. Spoiler alert! You'll find all sorts of creative ways to manifest and create the life you're dreaming of. 

Download the Plenty of Money Worksheet here and take yourself through a process I use with myself and clients whenever the thought that we don't have enough money rears it's ugly head. Come on! Let's slay that dragon! 

If you have any questions or want to inquire about working with me, shoot me an email. or check out my  Coaching page on the website. 


Sick of making less money than you want? I’ve got a plan!

For starters, if you’re a woman, you’re probably making 20% less than the guy in the cubicle or office next to you. And guys, if you want to make more money, I’m all for that too!

Would you like a 20% raise? Do the math.

Take your last check and add 20% to it. If you make $400 a week, that’s an extra $80, every week. If you make $40,000 a year, it’s an extra $8,000 a year. At $100,000 a year it’s a whopping $20,000!

I’ve made each of those amounts in my career and I can tell you, whether it’s $80 a week or $20,000 a year, I would have loved it.

Equal pay for women has been an issue for a long time. Yes, it’s getting better, but 20% is a big gap. It’s a change-your-world gap.

You want to make more money. What do you do?

I’m devoted to transformation. You can’t have transformation by simply acknowledging a problem. You can’t have transformation by complaining about a problem. You can’t have transformation by being angry about a problem, although your anger may be a good catalyst to transformation.

Four Strategies for Transformation

I love teaching people how to ask for a raise, a promotion and simply increase their performance at work through what I call The Success Quotient or SQ4.

The Success Quotient has four components, hence SQ4.

1.       Self-awareness

2.       Self-empowerment

3.       Other-awareness

4.       Empowerment for all

Increasing my skills in these four areas took me from earning minimum wage to six-figures, as an employee, and has been my constant companion transitioning from employee to entrepreneur. All without a college degree.

It doesn’t matter where you are in your journey, how much money you make right now, if you want to ask for a raise, change jobs, start a business or expand your business. The SQ4 will help you get there.

Down and Dirty with SQ4

I could talk for hours on each of the four, and I do when I coach clients or speak to organizations, but for now, let me give you the down and dirty on each one.

1.       Self-awareness – Knowing yourself comes first. You absolutely must evaluate your current strengths and weaknesses. Find ways to shine the spotlight on your strengths, and even improve them. This is your personal brilliance. Make sure you’re shining in these areas. For weaknesses, either find ways to make them irrelevant or learn how to improve. One caveat about that, many of our weaknesses are a waste of time to improve. It’s a lot easier to improve a strength than to improve a weakness.  

2.       Self-empowerment – Take your strengths and empower yourself in how you express them. How do you do that? Locate areas where you self-sabotage. We all do it. There’s no shame in it. But let’s stop. You lose your power when you think you need someone or something outside of you to get you where you want to go. You have everything you need. (This is why I created my online program, Enough Already. If you struggle with this, I’d check it out here.)

3.       Other-awareness – This is your ability to accurately perceive what others are feeling and experiencing. This is where the super power of empathy comes into play. People who are self-aware, self-empowered and have empathy can change the world!

4.       Empowerment for all – This is where it all comes together. You know yourself, you’re empowered to act, you understand and have empathy for others, which allows them to be empowered. Yes, sometimes that means they are empowered to step down, or change their behavior. It also means others are empowered to give you a raise or opportunity!

I am passionate about helping others use SQ4 in their lives. If you like the concepts and aren’t sure you know how to apply them in your specific situation, I’d love to hear from you! Let me know in your comments below, Facebook PM me or email me. I’d love to coach you or your organization into the power and freedom that come with using SQ4!

Feeling like there's not enough money for the gifts you want to buy?

It's day four of 12 Days of Enough and we're going to deal with... not enough money!

Here's my Lifestyle Advice: The holidays are great for pushing our money buttons. The scarcity of ‘not enough.’

This is a great time to take advantage of the Own Your Brilliance guided meditation. If you don’t already have it, it’s yours for free! You can get it here. It’s a great way to calm your thoughts and get in a peaceful place. When you get to your place of peace, in the meditation you’ll be imagining the bottom of the ocean floor where it’s so quiet and still you can hear the songs of whales for hundreds of miles, ask yourself a question. “What is possible with the money in my budget this holiday season?”

Then sit in stillness and wait.

See what happens.

You may have a feeling of unconditional love, you may begin to feel overwhelming gratitude, you may get an idea for something to create or a way to save money or remember an expense you can eliminate to free up some money.

The Universe is an unlimited place.

There are infinite possibilities.

We can’t usually see most of them because we’re so busy thinking our stressful, scarcity-driven thoughts. But that doesn’t change the truth that the Universe is unlimited.

Give yourself the gift of peace this season.

You have enough money.

If that means fewer people get gifts or that they are less expensive, or handmade (often the best anyway!), it doesn’t matter.

Give emotional gifts. Spend a couple of bucks at Target for some pretty paper and a pen and write the five things you admire most about each person you think you need to give a gift to. What could be better to receive than that?

You have enough and you are enough. That’s the truth.

Please feel free give the gift of being enough to your friends by sharing this with them! They can click here to get the series delivered directly to them.