self worth

Live Lavishly Light Episode #21

You know what a freak I am about mindset! 

I recently went to see Amy Schumer's new movie,  I Feel Pretty.  It's a must see, in my opinion! Profound and funny, which is a lavish combination! 

Today I want to inspire you to consider your mindset. Whether its how we see our bodies or whether we have the courage to ask for a raise or raise our prices with confidence and without guilt! 

That's what tomorrow's webinar is about: Earn What You Deserve. Sign up now and check out today's episode of Live Lavishly Light. 

How much money do you want to make?

Do you want to make more money than you're making? 

Do you think that you can't make more money until:

  • Your boss gives you a raise
  • You get more clients (because you're afraid to raise your prices)
  • The economy changes
  • You get more training or education


You need a change of mindset. The miracle of this that you can start creating change now by changing your thoughts about the money you make and how you make it. 

You're in charge!


Tuesday, May 1, at 7:30 pm Eastern, 4:30 Pacific, for a webinar designed to teach you how to empower your thoughts and gain the confidence you need to:

  • ask for a raise
  • raise your prices without feeling guilty
  • quit your soul-sucking job
  • expand your business

Sign up and grab your spot now! 

Do you earn what you deserve?

Most women in the US do not. Whether they work for someone else or own their own business, most women aren't earning what they deserve. 

I'm ready to change that! It feels like a mission! 

It all begins with mindset. The way we think drives the jobs we take, the prices we charge, whether we ask for a raise or expand our business. 

Check out today's video and then hop on over and sign up for the webinar, Earn What You Deserve, and I'll teach you how to create a mind-shift that will empower you and build your confidence professionally.

Feeling like you're not thin enough to wear party clothes?

Not thin enough? It's day seven of 12 Day of Enough. Let's slay this one!

This calls for some serious Live Lavishly Lifestyle Advice: Let’s start with physical style and fit.

Even the party clothes we wear once a year need to be replaced, repaired or altered if they aren’t fitting this year’s body just right.

In order to feel our best, we need clothes that feel stylish to us. That doesn’t mean they are stylish to everyone. You can skip looking at fashion magazines, unless you can look and get inspired by them.

There’s no judgment. No right or wrong. The question is: what feels fun and flattering to you? If you’re stuck, phone a stylish friend, or go to a store that has a stylist, or good sales people who will help you.

My number one recommendation, as you’re deciding on style is to always select something that accentuate your best body part(s), whether that’s your booty, your legs, your arms, your collarbone, it doesn’t matter what part, just draw everyone’s attention to that spot.

This includes your attention. When you look in the mirror, focus on that beautiful spot. Glance at the rest to check for fuzz balls or dog hair, but other than that, focus on your most beautiful spot. 

Next, let’s check in on the mental style and fit

No matter how beautiful your body looks, if your mind is telling you a story about not being thin enough…you’re sunk.

I’d like for you to take that thought and turn it into a wounded animal. Yes. I'm serious. Picture an animal that's been hurt. You wouldn't yell at it or shame it. You wouldn't hide it is a corner hoping it heals on it's own.

Take that animal out and love her. Be gentle. Let her know how important it is for you to take care of her. Coo over her until she relaxes. 

She may not be totally transformed by party time, but hopefully you can get her from cowering in the corner to sitting in your lap.

Remember, the voice in your head telling you that you aren’t thin enough….she is the wounded animal that needs love.

Unconditional love and acceptance

That wounded part of yourself needs to know that her value isn’t based on her size. She is worthy and lovable because…she was born. Because she is a unique expression of the Divine.

The Divine comes in all shapes, sizes and colors and every one of them is worthy and beautiful.

Now, smile and be on your way. Carry with you the glow of unconditional love. Even if no one else has ever given it to you, you have the power to give it to yourself. An no one can take that away!

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