“I am, because of you.” Ubuntu is a Zulu word. I found several variations on the definition. All the variations speak to this idea of humanity and connection.

One of my favorite TEDTalks speaks to the dynamic of Ubunto. Boyd Varty lives in South Africa. His family has been running a safari business and restoring their land back to it’s natural state for four generations. (We’ve been talking a lot about dreams lately and I can tell you, one of my dreams is to go to their game reserve, Londolozi.)

I am, because of you.

This is why the things we do matter.

This is why our dreams matter.

This is why it’s so important for me to Live Lavishly.

Everything I put out into the world has a ripple effect.

Everything you put out into the world has a ripple effect.

What kind of effect are we creating?

We create this effect on others all day, every day.

Do you greet the day, your family, your co-workers, the dry cleaner, grocery store clerk, or customer service representative with a smile? With a frown? As silly as it may sound, it matters.

How many times have you been cheered up because of a random stranger or an unexpectedly cheerful co-worker?

We all have so much more power than we imagine.

You have the power to have an effect on your family, friends, co-worker and even strangers.

An act of kindness.

An act of generosity.

An act of compassion.

An act of love.

What will you do today to demonstrate the concept of Ubuntu? Being the person, you would want someone else to be. Generous, friendly, compassionate, loving.

Tell me all about it! I can’t wait to hear what you did today!