You started your own business to have fun.

What happened?

As a creative entrepreneur you started with a vision. A business that would serve your clients and allow you to live the lifestyle you longed for.

No longer at the beck and call of an employer.

No longer having to follow someone else’s rules.

No longer building someone else’s Kingdom… You’re building your own Kingdom!

That was then, this is now.

Somewhere along the way your business has turned into a chore.

A list of to-do’s you can’t keep up with.

A team of people working to support your business that either doesn’t exist yet, because you don’t have time to find them, hire them, train them and manager them.

Or, a team that’s functioning, but not at a peak level. That means you keep having to dive in and contribute to a project or spend entirely too much time making sure they stay on task.

Then you noticed that the fun has slowing, but surely, drained out of your business and your life.

You’re a slave to your business, which might be okay if you were making the money you expected to make, but that’s not happening either!

It doesn’t have to be this way.

You need a Chief Operating Officer.

  • Someone to manage the team. Hire and fire team members when necessary.and keep them on-task and on-deadline. All without you having to think about it.

  • Someone to hold you accountable for the deliverables that are important to profit, your vision and aligned with your highest skill-set.

  • Someone to brainstorm with who is cheering you on and contributing to the growth, efficiency and profit of your company.


Hi. I’m Brenda

I’m a master at looking at a business and knowing what needs attention. I call it, a forensic analysis. I want to see all the parts and dig into all the details.

I know your business is like your child, it’s a piece of you. It can be a little bit like taking your cloths off in public to let someone dig in, uncover the issues and find the solutions to the challenges. I always having an eye to profit. Without profit, we don’t actually have a business, we have a hobby.

Don’t worry. I’ll be gentle, but direct.

I know you want to make money.

I know you want to have fun.

I know you want to serve your clients at the highest level.

I’ll find the blocks and breakdowns.Then I’ll create a plan to solve the problems. I can even stay on as your out-sourced COO to implement and manage the changes. Some of my clients find that to be the best part of the process. They go back to the creative and client attraction aspects of their business that they love, and leave the rest to me.

How do I know how to do this?

I’ve been an entrepreneur all of my life. My first business was a Domino’s Pizza franchise I owned with my husband. Then I got into real estate, as a sales person, team leader, manager, regional president and broker/owner. After that I started my coaching practice as an online business without the physical limits of a brick-and-mortar business.

I’ve trained and managed sale people.

I’ve trained and managed leaders.

I’ve trained and managed myself. (Probably the hardest job of all!)

I’ve created systems, service delivery platforms, sales funnels, financial tracking and profit analysis.

I combine the optimism of infinite possibilities with the practicality of systems, people management and mindset upgrades for you and your team.


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