You want change.

You’re tired of being frustrated in your:

Career or business


Body and Health

Leisure, Fun and Pleasure… remember how you thought life would be more fun?


I’ll show you how to do it.

In One Big Change I’ll teach you the four Pillars of sustainable transformation

The process works on anything in your life

One Big Change will give you the tools you need to get the results you’ve longed for.

Join me for a four-week program to transform your life.

I want you to experience the joy and freedom of sustainable transformation. This program will give you the tools my clients and I use.

One Big Change

Only $295

You’ll get:

  • Four weekly audio lessons and worksheets are delivered to your inbox each Monday.

  • An inspirational audio each Wednesday

  • A celebration audio each Friday.

  • PLUS! Two 30-minute private coaching sessions to give you the personal attention you need to make your One Big Change!

I’ve created change in my life by leaving relationships, starting new ones, moving to new cities, taking new jobs, changing careers and owning three business. I’ve got four adult children and three grandchildren.

I’ve grown, evolved and changed a lot. I’ve learned how to created changes that last - that’s what I call sustainable transformation.

That’s the hard part, not falling back into the old habits. When I change relationships or jobs, or start a business, I don’t want to bring the baggage of the past with me. I want sustainable transformation.

That’s what I want for you.

Sustainable Transformation

Nicole Evans.JPG

Brenda gave me the framework…

“I needed to understand why the changes I tried to make in the past failed and how to make the changes I want now that will stick. After working with Brenda, I know what I need to work on to get in alignment and back on track.” — Nicole E.


It’s time to make that One Big Change!

It’s time to end your frustration and feel the freedom of sustainable transformation.

I’ll help you break down the walls and lay a clear path for creating sustainable transformation!

The program begins the Monday after you purchase it.

Each Monday you’ll get an email with an audio recording that will teach you one of the four pillars of sustainable transformation.

You’ll get a worksheet and assignment to help you implement the lesson.

You can schedule your first coaching session any time after you register.


Do you want to:

Leave your job?

Start a business?

Travel more?

Decide whether to leave a relationship?

Start dating?

All you need is formula for creating lasting change in your life.

And a guide to help you get there.

One Big Change will teach you that formula.

I’ll be your guide.

Every week you’ll get recordings delivered to your inbox to make everything easy.


The Program



This recording features the lesson and assignment for the week. It will be brief, about 10 minutes, but impactful. Your assignment will be fun and transformative. To create lasting change, you’ll have to do the work, but I’ll be there to give you the tools and strategy.


Hump day inspiration. You’ll get a pep talk related to your specific lesson each week. It’s amazing how easy it is to lose focus and get distracted. This recording will keep you on track and headed towards your big change.


We celebrate! Research shows that when we celebrate, even small successes, we attract more success. Like attracts like. If you don’t celebrate your brain doesn’t register the accomplishment, limiting your ability to continue attracting success. Get ready to celebrate!


You’ll get two, 30-minute private coaching sessions with me for the personal attention you need to create sustainable transformation.


You are four weeks away from success in making your One Big Change.

In just four weeks you’ll learn how to align the four pillars of sustainable transformation to make your One Big Change.

The process works on anything you want to change.

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I highly recommend her

“Brenda is a true force to be reckoned with. She has a divine gift for helping her clients uncover the rocky places they are wrestling with in their minds and guides through and to new paths of peace and greater love.”

Ticora D.


One Big Change

ONly $295

It’s time to make that One Big Change
You know what it is, I’ll help you break down the walls and lay a clear path for achieving your goals!

The program begins the Monday after you register.

Schedule your first coaching session any time after you register.