Brenda Florida, Life Coach and Lifestyle Adviser

Empowering others to generate the change they desire


Work with me


It's the most powerful way to work on whatever is getting you down or holding you back. When something is short-circuiting your power, it's time for change. That's what I'm here for. 

Get ready to amp-up the power in your life. Let's get busy and:

  • Generate serious improvement in your work, whether you work for someone else or you're an entrepreneur, if your current situation is less than you dreamed it would be, it's time to turn up your professional power. 
  • Use your voice, if you need clarity we'll start there. Then we'll empower you to speak it. If you need your power back, we'll plug you into your inner wisdom and warrior.
  • Light up your solar power! It's okay to admit it. This is probably my favorite topic. I love women who are ready to turn up the heat of their sensual and sexual pleasure. We'll find your "on-switch" in the safe, loving and accepting environment of one-on-one coaching. 

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