Think Your Way to Success


Welcome to Think Your Way to Success!

Think Your Way to Success is a simple, five-step process. The first time you go through it, start with the introduction video where I introduce you to the process.

Watch the videos in order. The concepts and questions build on each other.

This powerful process is effective with any stressful thought you have. Don’t use it on feelings. Feelings are feelings. They aren’t good or bad. Behind every stressful feeling is a thought that triggered the feeling or followed the feeling. That’s what you want to work with.

Download the worksheet as often as you want. Watch the videos each time you have a new stressful thought. This program is here to serve you.. 

If you're interested in exploring how to work with me privately, email me and we'll schedule a 15 minute call. There’s no obligation, we’ll chat about your stressful thoughts and your goals. Email me at or use this link to schedule your 15 minute call.

Download the Fillable PDF Worksheet

Watch Videos in order. Start with the Introductory Video

Question 1 - Is it true?

Question 2 - Is it absolutely true?

Question 3 - How do I react and behave when I believe the thought?

Question 4 - How do I react and behave without the thought?

Question 5 - Turn it around to the opposite

Rewatch the videos any time you need the support. I would start with Question 1 and go through the videos in order. Download another worksheet and trust the process. Writing down your thought and your answers to each question is very therapeutic and will improve your results as you use the process. If you’re having trouble with the process or a particular thought, please reach out to me and schedule a 15 minute call so we can discuss your specific challenge.