Brenda Florida

Certified Life Coach and Entrepreneur

Do you want more?

Of course you do!

You’re ambitious and tenacious.

You have dreams. You know where you want to go.

You are smart, driven and determined to make the changes you need in order to thrive.

But you aren’t there.

You’re frustrated and tired.

You aren’t getting the results you want.

That’s where I come in  



I coach women and men who are hungry for change.

Every peak performer has a coach. The coach finds the gaps between where the client is, where they want to be and what’s keeping them stuck in that gap.

When you’re ready to say, “no more,” to the patterns that keep you stuck, I’ll be there to show you exactly how to make sustainable transformation in your life. There are four essential elements to any transformation. Whether you want to run a marathon, build a business, or fall in love. If they aren’t in alignment, we can’t make long-term change.

I’ll teach you how to be the master of your thoughts, feelings, desires and how to take action that changes you and change the world!


Business Consulting and Operations Support

When your biz isn’t performing the way you want, or you’re working yourself to a frazzle. Your team is under-performing or worse yet, you don’t have a team, you’re still trying to do everything yourself.

You’re my favorite client!

I love to dive into a business and see what needs transformation. There’s always a solution. We’ll figure it out and I’ll help you implement the changes, or even better, I’ll make the changes and you can go on creating, serving your clients and being the visionary for your biz!

I work with entrepreneurs as a high performance coach, consultant and I can provide operations management. Consider me your secret weapon. Coach, Consultant and COO.


Free Resources

Who doesn’t love free stuff!

I create free resources so you can get a taste of my unique style.

I’m irreverent, strategic, focused and intuitive. I trust my instincts. I’m fun. I might surprise you. I might piss you off. I will give you the same honest, judgment-free zone that I want.

Free stuff is like dating me without having to buy me a drink!

I have blog articles, videos, and free trainings to support you in living the life you yearn for.

No topic is off limits, Including sexuality. We are all sexual beings. Our entire life is impacted by how we see ourselves sexually. I want all of us to own our power in the boardroom and the bedroom!


“Brenda 10X’d my life! She’s an amazing coach and I recommend working with her!”
— Dan M
“I needed to understand why the changes I tried to make in the past failed and how to make the changes I want now that will stick. After working with Brenda, I know what I need to work on to get in alignment and back on track.”
— Nicole E
…I was dealing with tough decisions in my life and had an overall feeling I was not being true to
myself.  Brenda put me at ease. I knew I had found someone to assist me with finding my vision and
help me live from my higher-self...
— Ron M

Brenda's coaching has opened doors for me. I have a much deeper sense of self, a bolder vision for
my future, and a clear understanding of why I am on this earth.
— Laurie B