Enough Already Insider Bonuses

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It's all right here! 

As promised, I got some of my cool friends to create bonus content for you in the areas of body, mind, spirit and soul.

Here's how it looks: 

Body: Certified Fitness Instructor and Nutrition Advocate, Alyssa Crawford is going to talk about the CORE 4. These are four simple things you can easily implement as we start a new year and you think about improvements you may want to make to your body. Alyssa isn't going to tell you to do 40 push-ups, so no worries. I am terrible at getting regular exercise, but her CORE 4 left me feeling like, "I can do that!" Join Alyssa and I as we chat from her LA home. 


Spirit: My beautiful friend and certified life coach, Monna McDiarmid created an audio of a poem she wrote about self-compassion. I met Monna in Paris on a retreat. This woman is so beautiful, inside and out, it is stunning. She has the most beautiful way of practicing the art of self-compassion, something most of us aren't very good at. I asked her to share some of her secrets with us. 

       You are a garden document

       You are a garden document

Mind: This is the talented David Winkelman and the conversation about our thoughts not caring about us. You won't want to miss this. 

Soul: That's me. I've got a guided meditation you'll be able to download, plus a worksheet to support you in recording your insights from the meditation. I love guided meditation because it's a lot 'easier' than trying to sit still and will yourself to clear you mind. Your mind will follow the imagery and scenes I describe. That serves to free your soul to get in touch with the soul's mother-ship, the Divine. From there you can 'hear' what the Divine has for you. Just click here to be immediately transported to the download page. This is a meditation I've offered before. If you already have it, rest assured there will be new mediations in Enough Already for those who register for the program. For everyone else...enjoy your guided meditation