Confessions of a Traveler

I'm packing tonight for my trip to Paris. Why is this confessions of a traveler? I'll be honest with you, this trip has pushed me up against my 'edge' over and over.

I won't take you back to my early childhood, but suffice it to say, I grew up in a middle class (at best) family. Between my religious background and my family, I grew up in a culture of, "it's noble to be poor and if you're not, you probably did something to take advantage of someone."

Of course, I don't remember anyone saying that, but it was the Truth of our values and how we lived.

Honoring my True Self

I'm going to Paris for five days in five-star style. It's who I am. There's a little part of me who feels ashamed to say's true. That doesn't mean I can't be satisfied with less. I'm committed to finding the joy in every experience. I was almost homeless three years ago. That's not a metaphor. That's true. I have no judgement or shame for those who can't (yet) afford a five-star trip, or frankly, don't care about it. That's cool too.

Your True Self

It's all about being your true Self. No, that's not a typo. I mean Self with a capital S. The true you. The you that came to life that beautiful day you were born. Not the self (small "s" here) that was fashioned by culture, religion, family, fear, abuse, trauma, school, or anything else. I'm talking about the most perfect expression of yourSelf. Yummmm. Breathe that in. Give yourself a moment to think about the most perfect expression of yourSelf.

Who Would You Be?

Who is the most perfect expression of yourSelf? He/She isn't perfect, in the ordinary sense of the word. You make mistakes. And every 'wrong-turn' is designed by the Divine to bring you closer and closer to that perfect expression of who you are. All those turns aren't fun. Trust me, I understand that. Yet, each one brings you closer to that perfect expression of who you are. And by the way, that's the you that will change the world.


Here's my intention as I pack: to come home a more perfect expression of who I am. I want to leave the shame behind and boldly claim the truth of who I am.

What do you want to leave behind? Who do you want to boldly claim to be? Please share your truth with me. We'll be on the journey  together!

Bon Voyage!