What a community of women means to me

Do you have a community of women that encourage, love and support you, through thick and thin?

I do and I’m so grateful for them! Those of you who follow me on Facebook have seen the pictures of what we like to call, Goddess Weekend! BTW, if you don’t follow me on FB, I’d love for you to. My personal feed is here - and my business page is here.

It all started several years ago. I had a very good friend who had a very good friend. My friend’s friend and I weren’t close, but we had a connection through our mutual friend. First my friend’s friend moved, then I did. This complicated things dramatically for our mutual friend. With two of her best friends living in different parts of the state, she recommended we get together for an over-night together.

As you can imagine the connection between all of us grew deeply over time. Then we added another friend, sometimes we invite more. One day, it will probably be the recipe for a coaching retreat I’ll offer, and we’ll get a group of us together...Goddess Weekend on Steroids!

There’s nothing like a circle of women who come together with the intention of loving each other, staying out of judgment (and let me tell you, I’ve done some crazy shit that I could easily be judged for!) and supporting each other’s hopes and dreams. We talk about our families, relationships, jobs, the businesses we have started, are starting or want to start. We cry. We laugh. We drink a lot of champagne! We always leave feeling better than when we arrived!  

Do you have at least one person you can count on to love you, not judge you, encourage and support you?

It doesn’t have to be someone who lives near you. You don’t even have to get together physically. We got together virtually one time because we couldn’t get our calendars together to get face-to-face. Get creative about how you connect. Don’t make a lot of rules for it to “work.”

If you feel like you don't have that, find it. How do you find it? You be it. Be the person you want to find. Be loving. Stay out of judgment. Be encouraging and supportive. Do all of that for yourself. Then extend it to others. You’ll find your goddesses!

We all need a few Goddesses to live lavishly! 

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