Did you get all the yummy goodness in the Live Lavishly Manifesto?

Did you get all the yummy goodness in the Live Lavishly Manifesto?

What am I talking about? I've been running a series of videos on the 10 principles of my Live Lavishly Manifesto. I created the manifesto to support all of us (Yep! Me too!)

It's a series of 10 videos and they cover a lot of cool stuff that will help all of us live our best life! I put them in a playlist in Youtube so you can head over and see them there.

Why is the Manifesto important?

I'll use a story of my own to illustrate the importance of the Live Lavishly Manifesto. (If you don't have it, you can pick it up here)

I had a challenging week. It was very stressful and included potential financial setbacks. I wasn't feeling very abundant. I was struggling not to feel like a victim. (YUK! I can't stand feeling like a victim and I know as soon as I do, I've got some self-coaching to do!) I was freaking out about how it might effect me financially. And then...I got my own email (yep, I put myself on my distribution list so I see what you see) with the video I recorded for Live Lavishly Manifesto 8 on living in abundance, even if our circumstances don't reflect abundance. BAM! I had to laugh out loud! The perfect antidote to what I was feeling and thinking.

So that's the true benefit to a Manifesto. On your bad days it reminds you of who you know you are on your good days. No one said it was going to be easy. If it was easy, as they say, everyone would do it.

Live Lavishly

I encourage you to get the Manifesto  and watch the videos. Let them support you on your journey to Live Lavishly.