Are You Worth It?

I think you are.

You're worth knowing you matter.

You're worth knowing you are enough.

You're worth knowing you are loved.

You're worth living in abundance

You're worth knowing the Universe is conspiring to support you.

I’ll be home from my retreat in two days.

I’m wondering, do you ever struggle with questioning your worth?  

I’ve got some great coaching magic that will transform that feeling of not being worthy.

I put it all in my digital program, Enough Already. I’m finishing up my retreat in Cancun, but you can still register and get going on Module One. I’ll be hosting a coaching call on Thursday, June 28, so you’ll want register before then. Enough Already has four modules and is chock-full of transformational tools to turn that unworthiness into personal power.

The kind of personal power that asks for a raise, leaves a hurtful relationship, starts a business, begins a creative project and changes the world. You can get all the deets here.

I’ll be back tomorrow and I can’t wait to see you!

xoxo, Brenda


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