I like the idea of picking a word to reflect my intention for a new year. This year I picked a couple. I know, is it any surprise I didn’t follow the rules and just pick one word? Nope.

Here are my words:

Infinite Possibilities

Owning my Power

Infinite possibilities is harder than it sounds. In order to be open to infinite possibilities I have to suspend my normal way of thinking. That’s the only way to let something new in.

What? Suspend my normal way of thinking? That’s hard!

That’s a lot of what we’ll be doing in my new online program, Enough Already. We’ll suspend our normal thinking, which usually includes a lot of “not ____ enough” thoughts. You know, not smart enough, pretty enough, wealthy enough, blah, blah, blah.

I’ll be coaching and leading you through five modules of kick-ass tools and strategies that will liberate you from your normal thoughts. Are you willing to be liberated?

You can leap over to the registration page and sign up today for the bargain price of $397. I’m even offering a payment plan to make all this yummy goodness really affordable!

On top of that you can bring a friend to the program and get an additional $50 off and so can your friend! Use the code FRIEND and when your friend registers, they can use the discount code too so they get $50 off. I’m going to trust that you will only use the FRIEND discount code if you have a friend who is also registering.