new thoughts

Why I Hired a Coach

"We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them." Albert Einstein

I use that quote often when I consult and speak to companies about how to improve performance with their people and solve problems in the organization. 

Here's the truth. It's actually very hard NOT to use the same kind of thinking. 

How do we really change the way we think when 95% of our thoughts are unconscious, meaning they are a habit we don't think about, like brushing our teeth? You don't look at your toothbrush every morning wondering what the heck to do with it! You don't even have to think about the steps involved in brushing your teeth. You do it without thinking about it. It's an unconscious habit. 

That's the way 95% of your thoughts are. 

How do we change? 

How do we become aware of the 95% that causes us to repeat the thoughts that don't serve us? That keep us from finding the new thought to solve the problem with? 

I call my coach! 

Yep. I have two coaches I work with regularly. They think of things I don't think of. 

Whether it's a challenge in my business or in a personal relationship, they will ask me a question [that I never thought of] that takes me to a new thought. 

That's what a great coach does. It's simple. It's profound. 

Do you need a coach? 

All of us have things in our life that could use some new thoughts injected into them. Maybe it's a stalled career. Maybe you want to start a business or expand your business. Maybe there's a personal relationship that needs something new injected into it. Maybe you've lost site of your dreams and want to put some juice into your life and awaken those dreams. 

New thoughts will help you with all of those. As a coach, that's what I do. I help my clients think new thoughts. Grow their business. Get a new job. Ask for a raise or promotion. Work on their relationships, awaken those dreams and create a lavish life! 

I offer free, 30 minute "Introduction" calls so we can chat about what you want to get out of coaching and to see if we are a good fit. No obligations. Check it out and schedule your Intro session today from my website.