Can you help a sister out?

I recently ran a big promotion for an online program I'm offering, Enough Already. 

If you decided not to invest in Enough Already, I’d really love to know why. 

Will you help a sister out and hit me with your most brutal honesty? I’d love to know so I can improve. I want to expand my offerings this year and I want you to get what you need. 

Any answer is a good one. Maybe you forgot, maybe it didn't appeal to you. That's good for me to know. If you don't like online programs or the timing didn't feel right, or I didn't do a good job explaining what it was all about, you hate the name or didn't like the photos I used... really, any feedback is good feedback. 

I'd also love to know how you'd like to work with me?

Do you like one-on-one coaching, online programs, face-to-face events, retreats, or something else? 

I want to expand my offerings and services in 2018 and I'd love to know what you'd like and how you'd like to engage with my work. 

Just comment below or email me. I'll be soooo grateful! 

Living Lavishly in 2018,