The Two Taboo Topics that I'm Talking About!

Money and Sex!

They are unavoidable in life. And...

  • No one teaches you how to be good at them.

  • Everyone expects to be good at them.

  • It's not socially acceptable to admit you have a problem or discuss challenges you are having with either of them.

  • There is a lot of shame around "mistakes" in both topics.

  • They are the two most likely issues to cause couples to divorce.

And, I'm sick of it!

Let's talk about them.

I've got two excellent places for you to do it.

1. Cocktails and Coaching on Wednesday night at 5 pm Pacific/8 pm Eastern. I'd love to hear your questions about money and sex! There's a simple form you can fill out to submit your question. You don't have to include your name, so you keep your anonymity if you want. But, let's get a conversation going! Click here to submit a question.

2. Join my private Facebook Group, Live Lavishly: The Art of Sustainable Transformation. You can do that here. I'd love to see a post from a member asking a question about money or sex.

Here's what you'll get from me. No judgement! Never. And, honest answers, including, "I'm not sure. I've struggled with that too." In which case I'll start asking my network of really smart, cool coaches and see who can help us both.

Let me lay a truth on you. This is a capital T truth. I don't pretend to know what I don't know or coach something I can't do! I'm not the classic, "teach what you can't do" sort of coach.

I'm a total, "Live it to give it" coach!

I've had my share of money and sex challenges and traumas. I'm not perfect at either of them. No one is.

I have worked on my challenges and learned some killer tools that make me an amazing guide though. Someone to open doors and light the way for you to tap your unique inner wisdom and your unique path to freedom in finances and in your sex life!

And as a bit of a "teaser" I'll share that I am collaborating with three other badass people to bring you some amazing resources in the area of sex and sexuality. More to come of that in the next couple of months, but you're going to love it!

So.... join us for Cocktails and Coaching on Wednesday, join the FB Group and feel free to hit, "reply" and send me an email.