Religious Wounds

This is the scariest blog I've ever written.

But I can't "preach" being authentic and not be willing to go out on a limb. So, at the risk of being judged, and in the hopes of facilitating healing, here goes.

I grew up in very conservative, you could probably call them, fundamentalist, Christian churches. Of course, my family believed the same, that's why we went to those churches. 

I grew up believing in "original sin." The doctrine that we are born sinners and need to be saved or spend eternity in hell. Hell being a very specific destination with eternal burning and gnashing of teeth. Not a very pleasant place to be for eternity, which is a hell of a long time. 

Of course, there was a way out. Only one way. Salvation through Jesus. (Who wouldn't pick that? Considering the alternative!)

From the very beginning of my life, I felt flawed and defective. After all, I was doomed. Born a sinner. Not just me, everyone. Everyone was doomed. Unless they chose Jesus as their savior. Otherwise, eternity in Hell. There were no other belief systems that were "right," everyone who believed anything different was going to hell.

If you believe what I was taught and it serves you and makes you happy, that's great. This post is not for you. And, PLEASE do NOT tell me why I should to return to those beliefs. And if knowing I don't believe that anymore makes you want to stop reading my stuff, following me on FB, etc. that’s fine. I wish you love and light. 

In my case, these beliefs did a lot of harm to my soul and psyche. While I have been healing from those wounds for years, I've recently had an enormous break-through that released the condemnation I have held deep in my body and soul. It might be the single most liberating healing I've had in my journey. 

I am very curious if there is anyone who can relate to my story and has the same type of wounds from a religion or other cultural structure? 

I'm seriously thinking about starting a group coaching program specifically for people who want to heal their "religion" wounds. 

We all deserve to know we are loved, exactly as we are and that we are worthy, from the moment we are born. That's what is eternal.

I'd love to know your story, if you have your own religious wounds. Please email me or private message me on Facebook and tell me as much or as little as you'd like. You will not be judged. You will not be shamed. I promise. 

What do we do When Life Sucks?

Yes, that's today's question. What do we do when life sucks?

None of us are immune to difficult times. It may be a stressful time at work, in your business, in your relationship or with family, whatever the difficulty is, we all have times where it feels like life sucks. So what do we do about that?

Allow, allow, allow

What if, instead of judging ourselves or criticizing life, others, our spouse, our boss, politics, whatever it is we want to blame for why life sucks...we allowed ourselves to feel what we feel? How would that work?

In today's video I'll explore the power of allowing your feelings without resistance and give you some tips for how to practice the art of allowing. It may sound passive...but it's not! It's incredibly empowering!