Are you in the middle of a transition?

You could say, I'm the... Queen of Transitions 

I’ve moved 13 times since I got married at the ripe old age of 18 years old!

I’ve left two marriages and one partner. It’s a hard thing, even when you know you need to do it. Each time, I was following the truth of who I am. It’s liberating, empowering, scary and bold.

I have four children who are adult now, so you name it, I’ve done it. Had four kids in seven years, that’s transition on steroids. One by one, sent them to school, cried at their graduations, had an empty nest, married them off and had grandchildren.

I’ve had two successful business, that I sold. I built a career in real estate as a manager, broker, owner and leadership development expert. I’ve spoken at events, trained people and created my own programs to enhance the leadership skills of others. And, now, I have a coaching practice that I love! Of all the things I’ve done in my life, coaching is my favorite and the perfect combination of my skills.


To open to the next highest expression of ourselves. We can accept that challenge or reject it and continue in our old ways, repeating the thoughts, feelings and actions that got us there.

When we choose to accept the challenge, to wake-up, to reshape our vision of what is possible, we open ourselves up for joy, power and freedom. We are perfectly poised for sustainable transformation.


To create sustainable transformation in our lives we must include all four of, what I call, the Crown Jewels. Think of them as jewels in a crown. Each one equally as important to the majesty and brilliance of the crown. A crown you’ll want to wear!

Yearnings - these are the things, people, projects and passions we have that allow us to be the best version of ourselves possible. Your yearnings are your personal seeds of greatness! 

Thoughts - we all have thoughts that diminish us, criticize and shame us. Others have said them to us and now we say them to ourselves. It’s time to learn how to transform those stressful thoughts to thoughts that liberate and free you.

Feelings - the thoughts we have trigger our feelings. Sometimes our feelings will trigger a thought. They become a vicious cycle of thinking and feeling that limit and harm us. Anxiety, depression and fear keep us trapped in a life that is limited. When we learn to create empowering and positive feeling states, regardless of our circumstances we free ourselves from what we were trapped by. 

Actions - the things we do or don’t do. When our thoughts and feelings are limited and steeling our power, we don’t act in ways that support our highest good. When we align our thoughts, feelings and actions, with what we yearn for, everything comes together. We are focused. We take inspired, intentional action towards our yearnings. 

Everything I do is designed to empower you to get those four jewels in your crown! That’s what I yearn for!

What do you yearn for that I can help you get in alignment with? Let's schedule a 10 minute Discovery Call, I have openings next week, and we'll see if I can help you get to the life you yearn for! Schedule it here

How one change can impact your business and life

It’s easy to think that one change won’t really make a big difference.

If you're in any type of transition; starting a new business, getting divorced, dating, starting a new relationship, moving, you've had a baby, lost a loved one, or hit a milestone birthday, all these things usher in a time that is ripe for transformation. Sustainable transformation. Not the 'flash in the pan' kind, the real, change-your-life-forever-in-a-glorious way kind.

What if one change made a huge difference?

Today I invite you to hear from one of my clients, Alex. She’ll tell you how making a change made a HUGE difference in her life and business. Alex is in the time of great expansion in her business and found she wasn't getting the results she wanted from all the effort she was putting into her business.

I don’t want to spoil it by telling you about it.

Click on the video below and hear directly from Alex how she changed her biz and life!

Then decide today that you’re not willing to let whatever is limiting you, hold you back. Today is the day to say, it stops now. I’ve got a group of powerful women who are all saying, it stops now, by taking Live Lavishly. It’s an online program that will teach you how to make sustainable change in every area of your life. Register now, we start on Tuesday! Don’t worry about making all the sessions live. Listen to the recording in your PJs or on the treadmill. Just join us. Stop the thoughts, feelings and patterns that have kept you from sustainable change, now. Now is the perfect moment.

The Four Jewels of Sustainable Transformation

The Four Jewels of Sustainable Transformation

The easiest thing to do is to keep repeating what we’ve done in the past. Those things are deeply embedded in our unconscious mind.

That’s why sustainable transformation seems so elusive 

What if sustainable transformation is possible? What if by aligning four elements, the four jewels as I call them, we could create sustainable transformation in our lives, businesses, careers, relationships and lifestyle?

The Four Jewels:

  • Yearnings: These are your greatest desires. From learning to surf to a new relationship, changes in your current relationship, a new car, to live at the beach or in the mountains, to know and live your purpose. When you work on a project or goal that isn’t aligned with your yearnings, you can’t sustain momentum and if you do, it’s very stressful and lacks fulfillment, because you're working towards a yearning that isn’t your own.

  • Thoughts: There’s not enough, I’m not good enough, there’s not enough money, it won’t work for me; are thoughts that bombard most people. If you want to change your life, you have to change your thoughts.

  • Feelings: Shame, anxiety and fear can be constant companions. Your feelings trigger your thoughts of inadequacy and self-doubt. You don’t have to be a victim of your feelings. You can learn to create the feelings you want to experience even before the circumstances in your life have changed. It’s possible. I’ll show you how.

  • Actions: When you know what you want to do and it’s not working, or you can't seem to get yourself to do it, or you can't figure out how to do it, it’s because you’re stuck in a thinking and feeling loop, or you’re not moving towards something you yearn for. When you align the four jewels you are empowered and liberated from a pattern that isn't serving you any longer.

how to implement the four jewels in your life

Tomorrow a group of powerful women are gathering for Live Lavishly. It’s an online program that will teach and coach the group how to create sustainable transformation in their lives and businesses. They will identify their yearnings, thoughts, feelings and actions and get them in alignment. They’ll create the lifestyle, career and relationships they’ve always longed for. That’s what it is to Live Lavishly. There’s still time to join us. Don’t worry about missing a life session, worry about what you’ll still be stuck in three months from now if you DON’T take action today and register for Live Lavishly. All the deets and registration is… right here.

Stop Apologizing for your Body!

We do it all the time.   

  • I’m sorry. I bumped into you. 

  • I’m sorry, can you get me a bigger size?

  • I’m sorry my stomach sticks out.

  • I’m sorry my breasts are too big…. or small.

  • I’m sorry. I’m not in the mood to have sex.

  • I’m sorry. I love having sex.

  • I’m sorry. I love dressing and acting sexy.

  • I’m sorry I took the seat you wanted.

  • I’m sorry my size and shape don’t fit your idea of pretty. 

  • I’m sorry NOTHING in your clothing store fits me.

What could you do with all the mental and physical energy you spend on apologizing?

I’ll tell you what you could do.

You could rule your world!

You deserve to rule your world! You're going to be awesome at it!

I’m looking for five women who are ready to stop apologizing for their body!

I created a 30-day program designed to give you the tools you need to move from, “I’m sorry” to, “this is me!”

You can radically change your how you see your body, your self-care and how you see yourself sexually! 

Check it out here.

If you have any questions, email me and lay it on me.

Let’s do this!

Let’s stop the fucking apologies!

What’s the one thing you would change?

We all have something.

It’s the thing we would change in our lives. You might have more than one. I do.

But, we feel like we can’t.

Hear me. Now. You can. You can.

The most unbelievably difficult things get done every day.

Think of all the people that inspire you.

They overcame huge obstacles. That’s why you are inspired by them.

Those people are no different than you are.

All you need is some support.

Some instruction.

Some coaching.

You need to know how to stop thinking and feeling the things that trap you in a limited cluster-fuck of disappointment.

You need tools and strategies to actually think and feel differently. Yes, it’s possible. I do it all the time in my own life.

When you think and feel differently, you find resources and solutions that you never saw before.

You find the way to create your successful business, relationship or career.

You can find a way to love your body. Really. Without losing weight.

You can turn on your sexual energy for pleasure and added creativity.

 So, tell me… What do you want to change?

Tell me what it is. There’s help. If I can’t help you, I bet I know someone who does.  

Do it now. Email me. Lay it on me. It’s changeable. It’s possible.

Calling all Women Entrepreneurs!

I love women entrepreneurs!

Here’s what I want for all of us… 

Let’s be the Queen of our business.

A Queen is bold.

She’s brave.

She’s thoughtful in her endeavors.

She leads her Queendom with clarity and confidence.  

She makes decisions and trusts her judgement.

She gets advice when needed. After considering the advice, she stands in her truth and power, whether others agree or disagree, knowing that she must be true to her own inner wisdom.  

She enjoys her position, her wealth and her influence in the Queendom, without guilt or shame.

She knows she is worthy. Capable. Competent.

Is it easy? No.

Does she always know she is right? No.

Does she ever experience doubt? Of course she does. She is human and she accepts that truth as well.

She makes mistakes and forgives herself.

As the Queen she also knows she knows she has been chosen for this life. To lead. To serve.

She showers herself with love and care. She allows herself pleasure. She knows when she is happy and healthy she serves her Queendom from the highest expression of herself.

Whether she has a man beside her as king, or in her bedroom as a lover, she takes charge of her own sexual pleasure. She knows what her body wants. She can express those desires to her lover and she takes responsibility for her sexual needs and desires, alone or with her lover.

She keeps her heart and mind focused on what she wants for herself and for her Queendom, moving through her day with dignity, power and grace. Offering gratitude for everything.

She does not tolerate cruelty. She knows when to say no. And doesn’t allow others to use her power for their benefit. She knows that not everyone around her has pure intentions. She stands firm in her boundaries, never diminishing her wants, desires or values, goals. She speaks with clarity and confidence.

She never apologizes for her position, her beauty, power or her decisions.

She knows she is a work in progress and that every challenge is a lesson that causes her to become a better version of the Queen she already is.

Will you stand with me and be the Queen of your business and life?  

Join me for my upcoming Masterclass, Be the Queen of your Business, September 27th at 7 pm Eastern, 4 pm Pacific. Register here and get your crown ready!

This is the one question you need to know!

Do you sometimes ask yourself questions that don't exactly help? Questions like, "Why did I do that?" "What's wrong with me?" 

There are so many questions we ask ourselves that are disempowering, make us feel like shit and can send us into a downward spiral. 

Let's stop. 

I've got a lovely, empowering question for you to use as a replacement. 

"Is this loving to me?" 

Simple. Powerful. Gentle. 

It's incredibly helpful. Very practical. It's a question that always has your best interest at heart.

Here's how I've used it: with my to-do list. I look at my list and ask, "Are each of these things loving to me?" If the answer is yes, I do them. If it's no, then I remove them or put it off for another time. I trust that things that genuinely need to be done will get in the "it's loving to me" column in time. 

Here's the other way I use it, when I'm having a bad day. Yep, life coaches have them too, and I'm saying negative, unkind things to myself, like, "you're not doing enough!" "You aren't smart enough to figure out Facebook ads!" I stop and ask myself, "Is that loving to me?" Wow. That stops me dead in my tracks. I stop and let myself feel love for myself. Then I go back to whatever it is I'm doing, with a loving attitude. 

It's such an empowering question. Try it! Tell me how you like it! 

Lions and Tigers and Bears! Oh MY!

Dorothy had lions and tigers and bears! Oh My!  

Many entrepreneurs feel like Dorothy when it comes to: pleasure (no time for that!) Profit (breaking out in a sweat yet?) Power (you feel like your biz is in control! You're rushing to the demands of clients, being responsive to your FB Group and playing catch-up with email.) 

I'm here to help you transform all that rushing, self-doubt and fear into the actual secret to your success! 

What does it look like when Power, Pleasure and Profit are actually the secrets to your success? 

  1. Power - You set better boundaries in personal and professional relationships, or have the confidence to raise your prices or take a bold move to expand your business. You decide how to engage in social media, what new marketing strategies to try and which ones to walk away from and you stop hating your inbox.

  2. Pleasure - You enjoy going to you desk each day, allow yourself a "fun Friday" with no work appointments and spending the day having fun, taking care of yourself and replenish your energy.  You take the time to have great sex-alone or with a partner! It's incredibly energizing and is a catalyst to more creativity and tons of great ideas! 

  3. Profit - You stop dreading looking at the numbers in your business. You cultivate an abundance mindset and feel making money is more like a game you can win, than a mystery you'll never understand. 

Sounds good, right? 

But, how do you do it?

That's what I'm here for. 

I've made the transformation. From fear to confidence. From letting my clients, my inbox and others have the power in my biz. I've definitely transformed pleasure from something to avoid to something I am intentional about, and I've learned how to make being profitable a fun game instead of a dreaded appointment with the accountant! 

I can show you how to do it in your biz.

Join me for kickass masterclass on Tuesday, September 18th! I'm sharing my three secrets to Power, Pleasure and Profit in your Business.

Click here to register. You'll get the link to join, an interactive worksheet and the post-class recording.

I can't wait to share this with you!

Power. Pleasure. Profit. Sound good?

If you’re an entrepreneur, I’m sure you’d like to always stand in your power when it comes to you business.

I know you want more profit!

Has your business and your life lost the thrill of pleasure?

Then I’ve got the solution for you!

Join me on Tuesday, September 18th at 9:00 a.m. Pacific and Noon Eastern for my newest masterclass, Three Secrets to Power, Profit and Pleasure in your Business.

You don’t want to miss this. When you register you’ll get a link to an interactive worksheet and you’ll get the recording afterwards.

Click here to register and get ready for more Power, Pleasure and Profit in your life!

What if you could radically change your life in three hours. Would you?

Three hours. Radical change. Do you want it? 

Stop for a moment and think about one thing, that if you experienced radical change in that area, would significantly improve your life. What is yours? 

Is it:

  • Your business
  • Your job
  • A relatioinship
  • Your sex life - of lack of it
  • Your body
  • Your finances
  • Issues with your kids
  • An project you can't seem to start - or finish

Take the three hour test.

What if you devoted three hours of your time, not even three in a row? Three hours, over one or two months, and you experienced radical change, would it be worth it to you? 

And what if that cost you $1,000, would you do it? Three hours. $1,000. Radical change. 

If your answer is no, then I recommend you stop telling yourself that the issue is important. If the change you want isn't worth three hours of your time and a little bit of money (go back to your bank statement and look at everything you spend money on that isn't food, gas, and bills. You'll find a lot more than $1,000 that you could divert, for a month or two, to your radical change.)

If your answer is yes...

You passed the three hour test and you're in the right place. 

Now, I'm going to invite you to create radical change in three hours. How will you do it? It's simple. 

You show up for three, one hour, one-on-one sessions with me. 

My clients experience radical change all the time. In three sessions they transform their businesses, their lives, their finances, their relationships, their sex life, whatever the issue is that they bring to the coaching session, my clients experiences change. It's freakishly effective! 

Sound too good to be true? 

Let me share a few stories from some of my current clients. 

- One client was working towards self-confidence in her business. As an entrepreneur, you know that your level of confidence effects every aspect of your business. By the time we finished our session she had several significant insights that increased her self-confidence. 

- One client, in her 70's, was wanting to turn up the heat in her sex life with her husband. I love coaching women into transformation in their sex lives. Most of us have tons of baggage, if not trauma, that impacts our sex lives, significantly. Coaching this client to feel and find the power of her sexual energy, was a joy for me and her. I'm sure her hubby was pretty happy too! 

- A couple other clients are wanting to start a business or grow their business. They needed practical advice for financing, planning, strategy and marketing for their business. But, that's never everything an entrepreneur needs. Mindset is where it all starts or stops. You can have the best strategy in the world, but if your mindset is negative, you feel unworthy, you lack confidence, you don't think you're smart enough or went to the 'right' school or have a college degree, your mindset will silently sabotage every strategy you put into place. I worked with these clients to free their limiting mindset and get some great strategies in place. 

Are you willing to devote three hours to your own radical change? 

The cool thing is that when you're ready, change is ready. It's been waiting for you. 

Here's all you need to do.

  1. Book a 10 minute call with me. In 10 minutes you and I will both know if we are a good match and if I can help you with your specific issue. If I can't help you, I'll do my best to refer you to someone who can. Use this link to book the call. It's free and there's no obligation. This is where your radical change begins. 
  2. Plan on spending three hours, that's one session, for one hour, over the next four to eight weeks. We'll have our sessions by phone so you don't need to travel or do anything other than be available and present during our call. You'll also want to bring an attitude of change with you. Be open and willing to radically change. 
  3. You won't need to spend $1,000 for this radical change. You'll invest $495 for three sessions. Radical change is worth thousands of dollars, practically, emotionally and energetically. An investment of $495 makes it an easy, yes. 

I can't wait to talk to you on our 10 minute call. There is nothing that thrills me more than coaching a person to their personal radical change! 

You Deserve Something Special!

I know we're all headed into a holiday weekend... in the US anyway... but, the awesome offer in my new program, Live Lavishly, ends on Monday night, so go check that out. You don't want to miss getting this designer handbag at a TJ Maxx price! (That's how I described it in yesterday's Masterclass. It's a good analogy. Prices go up on Tuesday.)

    You see, I've got a super-charged, I'm-ready-to-create-change-in-my-life, online program, Live Lavishly. Live Lavishly is a nine week program that begins in October and takes everything we talked about in the masterclass and expands it about... let's see... 100x!!

    I'm looking for 7 women ready for change. You'll get it in Live Lavishly. I promise you that! There's a sesson every week, group coaching calls, a private, intimate FB Group for more questions, coaching and support, plus a super fun, VIQ package. That's "Very Important Queen". When you select VIQ, you get everything in Live Lavishly, PLUS, one-on-one coaching, unlimited email access to me, during the program and... a super Queenly gift box that will arrive before the first session on Oct. 9th. I'm just saying, that's the what I'd pick!

    Of course, everything is recorded, in case you can't make it live and so you to return to a session if you need extra support in that topic.

    Check out all the details for Live Lavishly here. You'll see, I've left no stone unturned. We're tackling everything that is important in your life: body, sex, career, finances and relationships. Remember, the special introductory prices ends after Monday, so register by midnight, Monday.

    Are you one of the 7, ready for change? Register now and say, Yes! to yourself. <3

    And if that wasn't enough....Here's the Queen of Your Life replay. I usually only send it to those who registered...but it was awesome and I wanted all of you to have it! A little 'end of summer' bonus gift. <3

    You can still use the link to the interactive worksheet and:

    1. Fill out the form and let me know where you want to see change in your life.
    2. Download and save the fillable worksheet and have it with you during the Masterclass.

    Oh! And if you aren't already in the Live Lavishly: Turn up your power from the boardroom to the bedroom Private FB Group, use this link to request to join. Don't forget to answer the two questions. You will usually be approved in a couple of hours!



    PS. If you have any questions about Live Lavishly, hit reply and ask me. :)

    You are bigger than your fear.

    Breathe that in. You are bigger than your fear.

    When you’re living with fear, it doesn’t feel that way. I know.

    Here’s the deal. If you couldn’t pull off the ‘thing’ that scares you, you wouldn’t even have the thought to do it!

    Hear that truth.

    We imagine things and want the things we want, we have the ambitions we have, the dreams and yearnings we have, BECAUSE we have the ability to achieve them. Thomas Edison had an idea for a light bulb. No one believed he could do it. He failed 10,000 times! I imagine he felt a little fear during those 10,000 failures. And then… he got it.

    Your dreams, ambitions and yearnings are a gift from the Divine. The world needs you to do what you’re afraid to do.

    I don’t know about you, but I want it all!

    I want to live, love and thrive in my entire life! It’s not enough to be a good mom, or great friend, or have a fun sex life, or a successful business…take out the “or” baby! I want it all! That’s why I love all the women gathering for my new program, Live Lavishly!

    Live Lavishly will show you how to slay that fear. You’re bigger than your fear, and… you may need some help slaying it. No problem. There’s no shame in that! We aren’t designed to “go it alone” in life. That’s why I love being a life coach! Coaching people through what scares them and gets in the way of the life they desire, well, that’s what I yearn for!  

    Won’t you join me and a powerful group of women who are choosing to get past their fears and Live Lavishly! Get all the deets and register here. Now. Yes. Choose you.


    I hate it when I do this!

    Have you ever kept quiet when you knew the answer?

    Have you ever passed on an opportunity because you thought someone else was more deserving?

    Have you ever been less than you are, in an attempt to make someone else feel more comfortable?

    How often do we “lose” when we could “win?” Play small in order to fit in, not make waves or not make someone “feel bad.”

    It’s time to stop.

    That might sound more boss-y than coach-y, but it’s appropriate in this case. Sometimes, we just need to stop doing what we’re doing.

    It never serves the world, or our greater good, to be less than we are. Think of yourself as the parent of a talented child. Maybe she’s a brainiac who pretends she doesn’t know the answer so the other kids don’t tease her. Maybe she’s a field hockey player who purposely misses a goal so her teammate doesn’t feel bad for not scoring as many.

    If you were her mother, you would tell her to stop that! That her playing small, not being her absolute best, doesn’t serve anyone. That the kid who is teasing her is jealous and the teammate who feels bad, has her own insecurities. And, that’s not her problem. Let them work on their jealously and insecurity with their parents, a teacher or coach. It’s not her job to fix their problems. It’s her job to be the best she can possible be! Isn’t that what you’d tell her?

    That’s what I’m here to tell you. Stop shrinking. Stop playing small. Stop being less than you can be.

    Here’s where coach Brenda comes in (we’ll set boss-y Brenda aside.) I know that to stop doing something we’ve done for a long time, is easier said than done.

    I’ve got two solutions.

    1.     Start to become aware of every time you shrink or play small. We can’t change something until we are aware of it, the moment we do it. That creates the opportunity to change and make a different decision. If you’re aware, but still struggle with choosing you to stand in your truth, make a list of the thoughts you have that stop you. They probably sound something like this, “you’re being arrogant.” “Who do you think you are?” “You don’t want to make them feel bad.” Take those thoughts and become your own ideal parent. Tell your beautiful self that your job is to be the best you. If that bothers someone, it’s their job to figure out why they don’t want you to be your best.

    2.     My new program, Live Lavishly, is the perfect solution to this challenge. It’s so easy to play small and Live Lavishly has tons of tools to help you break that habit and replace it with empowering decisions and actions. It’s a ‘whole-life’ solution. We dive into everything from our bodies, sex, relationships, money, our careers… we want to Live Lavishly in all aspects of our lives! Join me and a beautiful community of women to stop playing small and getting the tools and skills they need to Live Lavishly! Check out all the details and register here.

    Let’s promise each other that we will stop shrinking. No matter how hard it is.

    Marianne Williamson said it best, “There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won't feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine, as children do. We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. It's not just in some of us; it's in everyone. And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.”

    What to do when you’re at a crossroad in your life?

    A member of my private FB Group, Live Lavishly: Turning up Your Power from the Boardroom to the Bedroom (click here and answer two questions if you want to join this powerful, loving group of badass women!) is at a crossroads and was asking for support in the group recently.

    Hers is a familiar story. Corporate job is being eliminated, kids are grown, so she has some freedom there. But, what to do? Too young to retire, and not sure what to do next.

    How do you navigate a crossroad?

    Do you go left? Or right? Sit still? What’s the answer?

    These are the questions that life coaches thrive off of! Are we demented? Reveling in a client’s discomfort and lack of clarity?

    No. It’s just that I’ve been down this road with clients often. Hell, I’ve been down this road myself! Here’s what I know for sure: before breakthrough, there is chaos. Before new life, there is the death of something it’s time to let go of.

    Here’s a few tips on letting go.

    It sounds so easy and in fact, is pretty hard! Here’s what I’ve learned. When I’m unhappy with something in my present life, I can find all sorts of things that I’m unhappy about in the past.

    Think about it. If you had just won the lottery and were sitting on a beach with your favorite beverage in your hand, would you care about that co-worker who takes advantage of you at times, or the fight you had with your sister-in-law last month? Probably not.

    These are the things to let go of. Give yourself a few minutes to be pissed or sad or whatever the emotion is, then tell yourself, “this isn’t meaningful enough to take my energy. I’m laying it down.” See yourself literally laying it on the ground and walking away from it.

    After you’ve won the lottery and are soaking up the sun and enjoying a drink on your private island… fi you do still care about what the co-worker did, or the sister-in-law did, that’s okay. That’s a sign that something needs to be taken care of. You need to talk to the co-worker or sister-in-law. When we hang onto things, it’s because our inner wisdom is saying, “hey, wait a minute! I don’t like that, and I want you to do something about it!” When we ignore that voice and pretend it doesn’t matter, or think we can’t do anything about it, or think talking to them won’t help, we disempower ourselves. Worse, we’re telling ourselves that we don’t matter.

    These are the things we can’t ignore and must address. You may need to get some help, from your friendly neighborhood coach, or a trusted adviser or friend. You don’t need help from anyone who fuels your anger, without a healthy resolution, or who confirms you don’t have the power to do anything about it. Never trust the advice of someone encouraging you to be a victim! (A free coaching tip from me.)

    We all have issues with relationships, personal and professional ones. That’s why I created the, Say Yes! Masterclass. You can sign-up right now…right here. It’s going to be on Tuesday, August 14, at 7:00 PM Eastern/4:00 PM Pacific.

    A very cool group of women are gathering to focus on how to:

    • live from their truth in relationships
    • communicate clearly and set appropriate boundaries
    • focus on their own dreams and let go of control
    • get rid of the drama and attract the relationships that will encourage them to be their best-self 

    Please join us and you’ll be better prepared to let go of what is no longer serving you at your next crossroads! Sign-up here

    Have you ever gotten yourself into a pickle?

    I love that southern expression, "I'm in a real pickle!" 

    You might be in a pickle if you wreck your car, lose your job, your bank account drops dangerously low, you just broke up with you boyfriend/girlfriend, are getting divorced, or any number of things that suck. 

    Here's the deal. 

    It's easy to get self-critical and judgmental when we're in a pickle. 

    "Why didn't I see that coming?" 

    "Why didn't I do something different along the way?" 

    "I always mess up my _________ (fill in the blank with your favorite answer; job, relationship, finances, etc.)"

    "I must have done something wrong or this wouldn't have happened." (My personal favorite.)

    I was coaching a client recently who said one of these to me about her life. As always, it stops me dead in my tracks. 

    I mean, do we really think it's possible to do everything right so we never get in a pickle? 

    I don't want to burst your bubble, but it's not possible. didn't do anything wrong and you don't alway screw-up anything. Sure, we have patterns and lessons to learn. That's fine. Those thoughts aren't as stressful as the ones I'm talking about.

    The thoughts I'm talking about are the ones that cut you to your core. That judge you and leave you feeling in lack, or less than, or not good enough. Those thoughts are always a lie. 

    You are a gorgeous human being. Human beings are not perfect. Humans beings live in a world that isn't perfect. That means....

    Sometimes, you get in a pickle. And that's okay. Don't judge yourself. Learn your lesson, if there is one, and move on. Love yourself enough to know, there will always be another pickle. It's part of the journey. 

    Your body is not an apology


    • of size. 
    • of the color of your skin.
    • of your height. 
    • of the color of your hair. 
    • of your sexual orientation.
    • of your gender identity (if you even want to have one.)
    • of whether someone has abused that beautiful body. 

    You are beautiful.

    You are lavish. 

    You are a unique expression of the Divine. 

    I recently read the fabulous book, The Body is Not an Apology, by Sonja Renee Tayler.  I highly recommend it. She's a serious badass and she's serious about radical self-love. 

    Tonight, I have over 100 women who have registered to join me for the Masterclass, Be the Sex Queen of Your Life. 

    I'm serious about empowering women sexually. 

    When we feel empowered sexually, regardless of all the things listed above, regardless of being single or in a relationship, we experience radical transformation. It improves our health. Reduces stress. Makes us more productive and creative. 

    Seriously, aren't the benefits worth it? Our sex lives often get set to the side as 'not that important.'  

    I'm here to tell you, your health, creativity, productivity and stress levels are worthy of your attention. 

    Join me tonight for Masterclass, Be the Sex Queen of your Life at 7 pm Eastern, 4 pm Pacific. Register to get the link to join us and the workbook. 

    If you are interested in exploring what it would be like to work with me one-on-one about your sex life, let's schedule a 10 minute call to see if, and how, I can help you. I'll be honest, I've lived the spectrum from being sexually abused as a child, never having an orgasm in my marriage, being shut down sexually, shut-off from my body and thinking I was frigid; to learning how to connect to, and love my body, and how to love sex! I can relate to where you are in your journey. I'd love to work together! You can email me at Just put 10 min call in the subject line. I'll know what you mean. :) You deserve to be the Sex Queen of your life!